Harvard Medical School “Health Care” is the Treatment and Prevention of Illness researched China’s QI Gong health combat energy conditioning system evolved by Taoist Monks 7,000 Yrs. ago and Taijiquan created from QI Gong by General QI Wei Dynasty in 477 AD.

Harvard University reveals these systems are the best well-kept secret in medical history as the amount of disease QI Gong and Taijiquan can cure and prevent is astronomical.

View Pages 111-130 Military QI Gong, authentic international credential, three secret treasure energies in the microcosmic orbit, QI pressure force breathing.

Taijiquan and QI Gong is often described as “meditation in motion,” but it might well be called “medication in motion.”

There is growing evidence that this mind-body practice, which originated in China as a Military Art has value in treating or preventing many health problems.

Shaolin created in Northern Wei Dynasty 477 AD by Emperor Xiaowen evolved Shaolin Warrior Monks at the

Train the military to execute supernatural forces. QI Gong ignites nervous systems to pulsate secretive energies in the microcosmic orbit as the endocrine system secretes specialized hormones into the bloodstream executing animal behavior and instinct evolving invincibility.

The Imperial Tang Dynasty 618-907 with a population over 80 million supplied professional and conscripted armies that conquered for power were trained by Shaolin Warrior Monks.

Military Generals witnessing warriors on the battlefield created strategic, ingenious, and scientific combat tactical assault energy conditioning maneuvers in a chronological order to evolve Imperial warriors with supernatural powers. Military QI Gong QI Meditative Pressurized Force Breathing is the foundation for China’s military systems generating superior intellectual skills evolving the Invincible Assassin highest level of China’s Special Forces. Shen (Mind) eliminates psychoactive substance abuse and psychological dependencies that kills us!

Prof. Joseph Dodaro at 60 pictured with Dragon in astonishing combat energy condition increasing power as he ages.

Incredible sexual energy, strength (Jing), dynamic life force energy (QI), spiritual energy (Shen) generates the transformation of three secret treasure energies to explode (Chen) the fourth explosive devastating force. Military QI Gong, Taijiquan, and Shaolin secretive systems were created to condition every small intricate
part of the mind and body consistently in the daily training that prevents disease from attacking and destroying areas of the body that can cripple at any age.

Cmdr. Hsu, Fun Yuen of China’s Military Academy Certified Joseph Dodaro 20 yrs. of private training from 1977-1997 to Master of China’s Traditional Military Systems QI Gong, Taijiquan, Shaolin, Tongbeiquan, & Xingyiquan June 30,1991.

Cmdr. Hsu also was responsible for training China’s government agencies and high-level officials. Gen. LI Yuan Chih and Cmdr. Hsu of China’s evolved 21 Special Forces Soldiers to Invincible Assassins with supernatural powers and immortality forces to end the Sino-Japanese war 1931 to 1945.

Dr. Hong-Chao Zhang of Wushu advanced Prof. Joseph Dodaro additional 20 years of private training from 1996-2016 to

An academic level of Professor of Military QI Gong March 6, 2015, Professor of Military Taijiquan Oct. 8, 2014, and Professor of Military Shaolin on Feb. 8, 2015. Dr. Zhang a government educator is one of the five founders of QI Gong Research Association at Wuhan and Shanghai Institute of Physical Education where he holds
Bachelors and Graduate Degrees in Gong Fu. Wushu is a classification of China’s Traditional Military systems over 7,000 years continuously researched by Generals, Shaolin Monks and government research centers. Shaolin Warrior Monks, Secret family clans, and Government educators transferred their knowledge to Dr. Zhang to train government Professors.

Military QI Gong, Taijiquan, and Shaolin are Wellness Alternative Medicine and Combat Energy Conditioning demanding extensive comprehensive education with authentic international credentials.

Chinese Military systems are strategically, scientifically, and ingeniously in a secretive chronological order to generate transformations of internal and external intrinsic energies that develop mind and body to astronomical levels continuously throughout your entire life. You feel magnificent as energies transform 24 hours until the next training session, remain young and vibrant.

The Three Treasure Energies below, Wellness Alternative Medicine Section middle of the homepage, and Cobra PDF file 111pp. to 130pp. on home page bottom right will give you an extensive comprehensive methodology on QI Gong and Taijiquan.

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Begin a new exhilarating energetic quality lifestyle. Increase sexual energy to amazing levels, no fatigue, depression, anxiety, or stress. Psychiatrists recommend Taijiquan and QI Gong along with therapy and less or no medication. Mobile 858-230-2166 email

Prof. Dodaro lives in the Beverly Hills area, he can arrange group or individual training on-site in a specialized system

design for your special needs. Contact him to discuss any professional systems for large groups as military, law enforcement, security, corporate, etc., combat energy conditioning system that can include short and long weapons. Individual or small groups may enjoy seminars or daily training.

The Three Treasure Energies or Jewels are interacting through the Microcosmic Orbit harmoniously, allow individuals to live life at peak capacity as bodies, mind, and soul are fully engaged.

Three Secret Treasure Energies execute Shen mind, Psyche spiritual energy Force Pressurize Breathing at Supernatural Levels that begin the Assassins morning training in secretive maneuvers that are far beyond any fitness system could ever even imagine is possible. Shen enters the mind from heaven through the sky eye located between the eyebrows and travels down channels to the middle of the foot. An Assassin trains hours daily for a minimum of 25 years under a Doctor or Commander before he is allowed to teach keeping the integrity and educational levels at high standards. This training is for professionals that will experience tremendous ability in structured Phases customized for their needs within reasonable time. Shen develops an energy field that destroys negative emotions and consistently searches to develop a powerful body in return generates energy to the brain to maintain this transformation of energies. Eliminating daily training encourages fatigue and depression that develops anger and hatred that destroy the internal organs. Modern psychology demands less medication, therapy, and a structured meditative system as QI Gong and Taijiquan.

Jing energy, also called essence, is the primordial energy unique to an individual that governs the developmental growth processes in the body and the rate and degree of determination of the body.

Jing Is gathered from the earth through the yongquan point in the middle front part of the foot travels of channels associated closely with the kidney continues into the Du Channel entering the Microcosmic Orbit of energy enhancing all the internal organs through the nervous system continuing to Baihui point at the top of the head. Jing Is vitality energy that promotes extraordinary sexual activity that develops an energetic natural drive that creates incredible pulsating sensations from the entire bodies for extended time a few hours without any medication. Jing energy is executed by the transformation of Shen interacting with QI dynamic life force energy in the microcosmic orbit of energy affecting the dynamic biological life for system.

QI energy is the most dynamic and immediate energy of the body.

This unique energy results from the interaction of yin and yang spiraling intrinsic energy that develops an unstoppable force. QI energy is vital energy primal energy and dynamic life force. A healthy body is a wellspring of constant circulating QI which governs all energies guiding them in, above, and around the 12 channels to replenish the dynamic biological life force system with amazing energetic energy interacting with intrinsic energy of yin and yang. QI life force energy is that which animates our bodies, allows movement of all sorts: the movement of breath in and out of our lungs, the movement of blood through the vessels, the functioning of the various Organ Systems, and creates the strongest emotion Love that is like a waterfall on energy rushing through our bodies. QI is the middle Dantian, it is associated in particular with the Liver and Spleen Organ Systems located in the middle of the triple warmer. QI is the energy produced in the transformation of the physical base
energized by mental abilities of the mind.

QI connects the mind and body to function as one complete unit developing explosive combat energy executing Yin and Yang intrinsic energies to spiral on the outer circumference and just beneath the skin that withstands excruciating punishment while engaged in the assault.

QI energy pressurized force is physically tested expressing Shen Psyche that disrupts incoming force transforms it into a positive force attacking the source. QI mediative energy pressurized force has been successfully developed by Chicago’s Female Officers on the dangerous streets that executed this meditative energy to stop criminal assaults and quickly control them and apply restraints. QI, Shen, and Jing are intrinsic energies specially designed to generate extraordinary transformations developing Chen QI meditative exploding force pressurizes internal energy development simultaneously transforms the dynamic life for system executes destroying force.

Special Forces Secret Assassination Maneuvers adds a fourth hidden Treasure that is Chen QI energy pressurized exploding force that executes a devastating fatal force when the Three Treasure Energies ignite in the transformation of energies through the Microcosmic Orbit.

Chen can only be developed through the secret Assassination Maneuvers that increases in force through the years generating enormous amounts of power that is stored in the lower Dantian and released instantly to destroy the biological life force system of the enemy. Chen is one of the secret weapons that is launched with incredible accuracy as it destroys in close quarter combat within inches of the target with minimum effort and no energy loss the specially designed for females against larger enemies proven 27 years at Chicago’s streets.

Jing Vitality Essence Sexual Energy Jing enters the body from the Earth through the yongquan bubbling well point in the middle of the ball of the foot where all the energy gather.

Yongquan an acupuncture energy field point connects to the kidneys as it can benefit hypertension and kidney disease including the reproductive energy of the sperm and ova. The Laogong acupuncture point in the middle of the palm of the hand is related to the heart, circulatory system, and releases negative QI as it gathers new positive QI. Jing is lost through excessive stress or worry as It is depleted, in men, with excessive sexual activity (that includes ejaculation), and in women with abnormally heavy menstruation. Jing is best restored through QI Energy Maneuvers.

Jing Energy Skeletal Structure Withstands Severe Blows Jing Energy develops a powerful skeletal structure that is vital to protect the internal organs as it promotes healthy bone growth increasing marrow density simultaneously able to withstand severe blows as it executes lethal strikes.

Flat bones provide essential minerals, red and white blood cells necessary to increase strength, build stamina, and execute tremendous force. The Assassin uses his forearms as a Tiger attacks with forelimbs to crush to the skeleton system of the enemy destroying the internal organs. Tigers explode from a static position to dynamic speed instantly to crush the prey before it has time to launch its attack as this incredible explosive speed eliminates long battles preventing severe injuries to the Tiger.

Assassins imitate the Tiger’s behavior by engaging in Maneuvers that develop these bones and connecting
ligaments that allow the joints to move freely greater range of motion increasing speed with centrifugal force. Tiger Maneuvers execute Chen Energy pressurized exploding force striking their skeletal system with positive energy that spirals throughout the biological life for system allowing the internal organs to create resistance to shock.

Jing Energy Sculptures Muscular Structure The Assassin develops his muscular structure to perform with the agility, strength, explosive force, endurance, stamina, and behavior of China’s sacred 12 animals engaging the killing skills from the King of the beasts the Ferocious Tiger in maneuvers.

Shen Energy Force stimulates the brain to send energy signals through the nervous system to voluntary muscles, skeletal, or cardiac to develop each layer of contractile tissue to generate extreme force in motion that executes concentration on precise movements that explode a severe tactical legal attack. Maneuvers strengthen tendons providing quick connection between muscle and bone to avoid injury as slow twitch fibers are conditioned to contract for long periods of time with maximum force in low static maneuvers. Fast twitch fibers contract quickly, powerfully and trained to prevent fatigue as a static stance explodes quickly to dynamic movement predominantly powered by Shen Energy Force.

Jing energy travels through the front Ren Channel and back Channel Du to enhance the twelve main Channels are the Lung, Pericardium, Heart, Spleen, Liver, Kidney, Large Intestine, Triple Warmer, Small Intestine, Stomach, Gall Bladder, and Urinary Bladder Channels.

Jing gives the Tiger the force to attack quickly from a low crouching stance and burst into high speeds to catch prey. The Three Treasure Energies spiral as QI gong QI Energy Force Breathing circulates them through QI Channels and rich oxygenated blood flow that interact Yin and Yang to create energetic vibrant energy force.

The home of QI is the middle Dantian, and it is associated in particular with the Liver and Spleen Organ Systems located in the middle of the triple warmer.

QI is the energy produced in the transformation of the physical base energized by mental abilities of the mind. QI Energy is increased by unity of original Shen, QI, and Jing within a human makes possible a very long healthy physical life, and a true lasting spiritual rebirth. The three treasurer energies engage in a transformation of the microcosmic orbits that openness meridian pathways to the 78 internal organs, 13 organ systems, and 12 major organs. Transformations are executed by Shen Psyche as assassins explode the imaginative creative senses pressurize force breathing simultaneously with extraordinary powerful maneuvers that escalates energy at levels beyond human capacity. Assassins develop supernatural powers from the explosiveness of these transformations make an addictive search to discover the secrets of the universe there in nature and man. Imagination takes you into paradise or your worst nightmare.

When Shen, QI and Jing are interacting harmoniously, our body, mind soul are balanced and harmonized resulting in individual.

Developing the microcosmic orbit is essential to stimulate the mind to generate intrinsic energy to spiral through meridian QI Channels to enhance QI energy pressurized exploding force into the dynamic biological life force system. QI dynamic life force energy is transformed to the flow of energy around and through the body, forming a cohesive and functioning unit. By understanding its rhythm and flow Chinese Doctors through QI Gong the highest healing level that Taijiquan was developed from develop treatments to provide stability and longevity as QI permeates everything preventing an astronomical amounts of disease and essentially curing disease as researched by Harvard University Medical School and other universities throughout the world. Shen Psyche Energy Force executed in training over several years connects on a spiritual level by opening the sky eye that enters enlightenment awakening all senses generating a strong intuition. Shen Is the Spiritual Radiance that is seen in a person’s eyes, the emanation of Love that if we all shared wars, hatred, anger, and negative emotions would self-destruct.

QI is located in the middle Dantian energy field close to the sternum and is associated in particular with the liver and spleen organ systems in the middle of the triple warmer.

QI is the energy produced in transformation of the physical base energized by mental abilities of the mind Shen. QI Life Force Energy interacts Yin and Yang opposing energy forces to generating QI intrinsic energy to enrich oxygenated blood and enhance the dynamic biological life force system to stimulate the 12 meridians to energize the internal organs to function at maximum force with minimum energy. QI Development is a primary test that inspires the Assassin to physically execute energy force against a powerful individual as the Commander moving him
with minimum energy.

QI Development places pressurized force that eventually will increase according to the level of the Assassin in 8 directional patterns trying to prevent him from accomplishing his maneuver in the routines.

QI Energy is executed simultaneously in static maneuvers by Shen energy force through breathing meditation that explodes in dynamic maneuvers with astonishing results encouraging the Assassin to believe in energies as he clearly sees and feels the pathway to enlightenment and invincibility. Commander and Doctor executes extraordinary precise supernatural powers as they demonstrate and peak performance.

Jing Vitality Energy located in the lower Dantian energy field is responsible for the reproductive energy firm and ova in women and sperm in men, but can be depleted in men with acts of sexual activity including ejaculation and women at normal heavy menstruation.

Energy Maneuvers sculpture muscles while burning tremendous amounts of fat in a shorter time because of the consistency of high-powered movements nonstop for over an hour. This energy creates an attractive looking body with tremendous amounts of Jing energy that arouses sexual activity to be performed in an energetic workouts that burns more calories. Sexuality creates imagination sparking purpose for the assassin to increase energies especially to perform with their lover.

Love is the strongest emotion that conquers all negative emotions as it cleanses the body from head to toe like a powerful waterfall that enhances feelings of happiness that is vital to keep internal organs functioning effectively.

Negative emotions as hate and anger attack the liver creating disturbances in the biological life for system. Love is expressed in many ways as physical contact interacts emotional energies especially through kiss as lips close connecting the Ren and Du channels in the microcosmic orbit interacting with each other cause a burst of incredible intrinsic energy.

Military QI Gong Shen Meditative Pressurize QI Breathing Combat Tactical Assault Maneuver.

Shen is the command center that generates the imagination to develop the endocrine system through sensory neutrons executing animal behavior and instinct that is vital for combat energy conditioning skills that eliminates combat fatigue and prevents PTSD. Animal maneuvers demand extraordinary amounts of Shen meditative pressurize breathing to overflow the senses eliminating fear that can causes hesitation with severe injuries or death. Animal instinct and behavior are survival skills that are executed consistently as animals are always in extreme danger. The brain doesn’t receive adequate amounts of blood, oxygen, and glucose it performs sluggish, becomes fatigue, stressed, and depressed. Psychoactive substance abuse and psychological dependencies attack the brain when Shen is weak.

The Microcosmic Orbit circulates Xiao Zhou Tien Shen Psyche psychologically energizing the conscious and unconscious mind and transforms the personification of the soul.

Mediative energy begins stimulating the Yintang acupuncture energizing point between the eyebrows in an energy field called a Dantian. It is directly connected to the heart organ and begins the transformation of energies through the microcosmic orbit. Just above the Yintang is the sky eye that creates enlightenment awakening all senses generating a strong intuition. Shen Psyche receives electric signaling from the retina interacting electrically excited neutrons and sensory neutrons cells to awaken the imagination to transform energies that stimulate acupuncture energizing points affecting 12 meridian pathway channels through the fascia and eight meridian thrusting channels to enhance 78 internal organs and 13 organ systems.

The Ren Energy Channel begins the microcosmic orbit Xiao Zhou Tien of energy in the middle of the lower lip passing through the middle Dantien the Shanzhong acupuncture energizing point QI dynamic life force energy located in the center of the chest associated with the liver organ.

Continuing down to the lower Dantien Qihai acupuncture energizing point Jing vitality energy located 3 inches below the navel in the center connected with the kidney organ. The bottom Huiyin acupuncture energizing point located in the anal, begins the Du energy channel traveling up the spine to ignite acupuncture energizing points located in the center upper part of neck, the Yuzhen acupuncture energizing points located on the back of the head where the 2 bones enter from the neck. The Fengchi acupuncture energizing points on the nape of the neck opens energy channels connecting Shen Psyche to spiritual world creating immortality.

Du Energy Channel Continues to the Baihui acupuncture energizing point on the top of the head to the Shenting acupuncture energizing point on the forehead just above the hairline on the Du energy channel to the sky eye between the eyebrows point of enlightenment.

Continues to Yintang acupuncture energizing point between the eyebrows in an energy field called a Dantian. Completing transformation of energies in the upper lip in the middle as lips close, tongue at the top of the palate, and energy circulates to the 12 major internal organs, all 78 organs, and 13 organ systems energizing through 12 meridian channels and 8 thrusting energy channels and belt channels in the transformation of three secret treasurer energies through the microcosmic orbit of energy.

Tongue place at the top of the palate completes the transformation of the microcosmic orbit of energy as it connects the Ren and Du channels allowing circulation to ignite Dantian energy fields that enhance meridian channels to internal organs.

The tongue tip affects the heart channel showing the state of the heart. Lungs are located just behind the tip, the center of the tongue reflects a condition of the stomach and spleen, as the roots of the tongue related to the kidneys, right side is gallbladder, left side is liver, behind liver large intestines, and behind gallbladder is small intestine.

The microcosmic orbit of energy extracts Yin force from the earth spiraling with Jing vitality energy through the Du channel interacting with the thrusting channels.

That are the interior core to the microcosmic orbit allowing energy flow up generating a powerful Du channel. Flowing downward with powerful energetic forces exploding in energy fields electrifying the Ren channel extracting Yang force. Spiraling with Shen Psyche exploding in the command center energy field executing the imagination as it stimulates the brain, spinal fluid, and reproductive system. The channels generate incredible energy flow that strengthens the spine allowing the microcosmic orbit to function more efficiently energize and the biological life for system at superior levels. Assassins execute Jing, QI, and Shen independently to flow through the eight extra meridian pathway channels creating supernatural immortality powers.

The Baibui acupuncture point at the top of the head stimulates the Microcosmic Orbit of energies that consist of Shen, Jing, acupuncture points located in the center upper part of neck,

the Yuzhen acupuncture points located on the back of the head where the 2 bones enter from the neck, and the Fengchi acupuncture points found on the nape of the neck open channels to connect Shen Psyche to spiritual world. Shen Psych conscience and unconscious mind enter a journey experiencing the transformation of universal energies prepare the Mind to eliminate all negative emotions allowing the assassin to interact spirit, animal, nature, and energies. Recognizing acupuncture energizing points stimulates the imagination to concentrate on the transformation of energies as the laogong point directly makes active intrinsic energy acupuncture points as assassination maneuvers strategically align these points to generate explosive force.

The three thrusting channels form energy pathways connecting heaven and earth that are vital in every Shen Psych psychologically energizing the conscious and unconscious mind.

Shen Psyche transforms the personification of the soul pressurized force breathing inhalation exhalation that generate open channels for the microcosmic orbit of energy that executes the three secret treasure energies that are the heart and soul of all QI Gong maneuvers. Channels circulate energy that clears toxins, negative emotions, stagnated QI in blood flow, and allows imaginations to journey through pathways creating all energy fields simultaneously are functioning at maximum capacity with minimum energy force.

The left thrusting channel starts in the left testicle in men, through the left perineum, left side of the anus, left ovary in women, left kidney, spleen, heart, lung, left parathyroid, thyroid glands, left ear and eye, and the left hemisphere of the brain.

The right thrusting channel is opposite of left. The middle thrusting channel begins in the middle of the scrotum in men as it passes through the perineum, middle the anus, the cervix in women, the prostate in men, the aorta, the vena cava, the pancreas, the stomach, part of the liver, the heart, thymus gland, throat, tongue, pituitary, hypothalamus, pineal gland, and the crown. The thrusting channels continued down the legs into the feet they’re responsible for extracting Jing vitality energy from the Earth into the kidneys and storing them in the lower Dantian energy field just below the navel.

The belt channels encircled the body with energies that connect the outer Yang energy channels with the Yin inner energy channels that are massaged in QI Gong and struck with the Laogong acupuncture energy points in the middle of the palm of the hand.

This sends an energy frequency stimulating energies to spiral generating greater force. Their main function is to connect all vertical channels in the body. Belt channels begin at the Ren front channel of the microcosmic orbit and the middle thrusting channel, moving left connects with the left thrusting channel, continue to the Du back channel of the microcosmic orbit and middle thrusting channel, interacting with the right thrusting channel, and back to Ren channel completing the circle.

The belt channels connect all thrusting channels, protect Dantian energy fields, energize QI, and prevent negative emotions from entering the mind as it spirals around the entire head.

Belt channels are strategically executed in the most vital area encircling the naval, around the crown of the head, and circles the throat, circles at heart level, circulates the solar plexus, rotates around the middle of the thigh, goes around knees, and ball and heel of the foot. The Belt channel executes a tornado spiral mainly in a left and right rotation, butProfessor levels spirals in an eight directional Baguazhang pattern simultaneously at various speeds. This spiraling effect develops supernatural force, magnificent energy, and extraordinary combat skills that protect the inner structure as an assassin executes exploding eight directional force.

The imagination visualizes powerful energy forces as a tornado grows developing incredible devastating speeds that can destroy the environment from ordinary calm air flow.

This visualization of energies entering from the sky that spiritually transforms into Shen Psyche mind in a spiraling laser effect develops a brilliant transformation as Dantian energy fields have already executed centrifugal force preparing to accept this enlightened. Jing vitality energy extracted from the Earth has the same images as we think the spiral affect of a drill digging into the earth. Simultaneously energies enter the body and
mind as the skin pores breath fresh energy In as own energy goes out.

Fire Dragon

Fire Dragon