Shen Psyche the conscious and unconscious mind executes pressurized force to generate the 13th organ systems to pulsate endocrine hormones enhancing the 78 internal organs to transform these powerful fluids quickly to nourish the muscles.

Simultaneously electrical signals from the endocrine glands creates a miraculously transformation as Shen transmits electrical signals down the central nervous system into the peripheral nervous system conditioning muscles that are sculptured to engage in the assault as a Tiger. QI pressurized force breathing accelerates these transformations to maneuver the smallest intricate position with maximum force as the mind develops pathways for the body. Close quarter combat assault is executed at full force within inches of the enemy with devastating force that can escalate to deadly force. Cobra combat conditioning sculptures the body to move and execute combat instinctively specializing to the specific animal or Special Forces traditional secretive system. Grand Master Dodaro pictured above at 60 is in extreme combat conditioning, no prescription drugs, doesn’t drink alcohol, or smoke as energies keep the mind at a heightened response level making correct decisions 24 hours.

Shen develops a strong intuition as sensory neurons electrically energized cells become a radar keeping Shen at a heightened level of alertness. The retina an outburst of brain simultaneously transmits electric signals through sensory neurons to the brain.

The cranial nervous system transmits signals through motor neurons into axon fibers down the central nervous system into peripheral nervous system that moves the voluntary contractile muscles instantly to engage in the assault. Peripheral nerves are responsible for developing combat muscles not to fatigue like fitness muscles. Chicago police created these transformations in every part of the seminar as explosive energy forces are the secret weapon in Cobra executed consistently with pressurized exploding in force.

Shen Psyche meditative pressurize energy force breathing executes Yin and Yang intrinsic combat energy force that spirals around the outer surface and just beneath the surface forming a protective shield that can withstand excruciating pain.

Yin and Yang intrinsic energy forces are developed from Shen Psyche electrical signaling through the central and peripheral nervous systems that ignites sensory neurons electrically excitable cells that shape, cut, sculpture, and increase muscle mass to strategically, scientifically, and ingeniously execute movement in the contractile muscles to engage in the assault continuously energizing eliminating fatigue. Muscles can’t store sufficient energies that can be depleted quickly in a panic situation, but energies are stored in acupuncture energy fields are quickly transmitted to muscles to revitalize them for extended battle time.

Shen Psyche transmits a devastating life-threatening electrically signaling through the central and peripheral nervous systems that ignites neurons electrically excitable cells to execute motor neurons to engage in the assault instantly.

Signals travel quickly through meridian channels, thrusting energy channels, 13 organ systems, 78 internal organs, microcosmic orbit of energy, Dantian acupuncture energy fields, and returned to Shen Psyche in a continuous energetic pattern that escalates energies the duration of the battle preventing fatigue. Muscles fatigue quickly during panic as oxygenated enriched blood doesn’t reach the extremities and if pathways aren’t functioning with proper volume or speed. Assassins damage enemy nerve bundles quickly as pressurize strikes transmits negative energy through nerve fluids and axon fibers that kills instantly.

Anger is negative energy that travels through the nervous system causing headaches or dizziness destroying internal organs mainly the liver. Fear or deep anxiety impairs the kidney’s ability to store QI.

Sadness and grief affect the lungs preventing them to distribute QI. Thinking and worry affect the spleen causing fatigue. Cancer can spread through the nervous system, multiple sclerosis disease from damaged nerves. Modern Psychiatry discovered in brain scans that 1 hour of Qigong QI Energy Force maneuvers clears stress, depression that lasts 24 hours giving the mind the energy to develop positive emotions as love then repeat next day. Chronic stress responses to emotional pressure suffered for prolonged period.

Shen Psyche psychologically energizing the conscious and unconscious mind, as Shen Psyche transforms the personification of the soul.

Meditative Pressurize Breathing energizes the secretive Three Treasure Energies to begin the transformation of energies through the Microcosmic Orbit (Xiao Zhou Tien) that is the heart of assassination tactical assault maneuvers and when transformed at ultimate level develops supernatural powers creating the invincible assassin that that possesses Chen QI energy  pressurized exploding force the most devastating destroying lethal explosive force. Assassination tactical assault maneuvers 21 phases interacting with traditional eight secret military systems and  eight superior animal styles create invincibility.

Taoist philosophies pathway to immortality can only be created through enlightenment as the transformation of Shen Psyche meditative pressurize respiratory breathing that generates the Microcosmic Orbit (Xiao Zhou Tien)

to energize Dantian energy fields by executing thrusting channels to spiral intrinsic energy in belt thrusting channels that transforms Jing into QI into Shen – “path of transmutation” – to transform Shen into QI into Jing – the “path of generation” or “path of manifestation.” The Three Treasures Energies execute three different frequencies through meridian channels that make active acupuncture energy points to strengthen the biological life force system especially affecting Yin and Yang organs. Shen Psyche directly affects the development of energy thrusting channels to explode the transformation of energies at an extraordinary force executing supernatural forces for extreme endurance and stamina on the battlefield.

Shen and Jing transforms with QI that interacts Yin and Yang intrinsic spiraling energy force as the supreme secret immortality transformation erupts generating thrusting channels to attack belt channel energy fields.

This transforms the invincible assassin’s endocrine system becoming the ferocious tiger instantly as internal combustion executes Chen QI energy pressurized exploding force externally withstanding astonishing punishment with no penetration is the “path of death.” China created extraordinary military systems 7000 years ago that are consistently researched to develop superior humans to advanced the world.

Comprehensive acknowledgment of the microcosmic orbit of energy is vital as the heart of all Taoists energy creations as QI Gong, Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, Tongbeiquan, and Baguazhang that develop the transformation of the three treasure energies executed at supreme level in the assassination tactical assault maneuvers reconstructing the biological life force system through twelve meridian channels circulating the cultivation of energies discovered In the Universe.

Chinese alchemy is the largest Traditional Taoist body spirit cultivation that developed from traditional Chinese understanding of medicine and the body.

Chinese alchemy focuses on cosmological processes through observation and cultivation developing activation to discover “Tao the pathway to immortality” through training of secretive military QI Gong and Taijiquan that begins to focus on the purification of one spirit and body to be accepted. Taoism philosophy develops the reality of metaphysics explaining the fundamental nature of existence, the journey to enlightenment, and the pathway to immortality powers.

Shen Psyche meditative pressurized force breathing awakens the assassin to energize the retina to begin transmitting signals sensory neurons that begin converting external stimuli from the environment into internal stimuli.

They are made active by sensory senses of vision, touch, and hearing affecting the conscious and unconscious mind sending projections into the central nervous system conveying vital information to the brain and spinal cord. Physical modalities as light, sounds, and temperature make active the sensory neurons that spark the imagination that places the assassin in a fantasy.

Shen spiritual energy, Jing vitality sexual energy, and QI dynamic life force energy are the three secret treasure energies that generate a transformation of energies in the microcosmic orbits that explodes the fourth secret energy military Chen QI exploding force.

Energies are vital to comprehend as they are the foundation for China’s secretive traditional military systems that create supernatural power and executes tremendous explosive combat tactical assaults. Shen ignites the imagination to generate energy transformations that can definitely be felt as the Assassins pulsates energies through eight acupuncture meridian pathway channels that  activate acupuncture energy fields creating a circumference around the points. Energies as air and emotions are difficult to recognize their existence as without air we die, lack of energies encourage fatigue, and no love invite sadness. Grand Master Dodaro’s extensive comprehensive education is specifically geared towards transforming ancient knowledge and wisdom into Western technology.

The Three Treasure Energies or Jewels are interacting through the Microcosmic Orbit harmoniously, allow individuals to live life at peak capacity as bodies, mind, and soul are fully engaged.

Three Secret Treasure Energies execute Shen mind, Psyche spiritual energy Force Pressurize Breathing at Supernatural Levels that begin the Assassins morning training in secretive maneuvers that are far beyond any fitness system could ever even imagine is possible. Shen enters the mind from heaven through the sky eye located between the eyebrows and travels down channels to the middle of the foot. An Assassin trains hours daily for a minimum of 25 years under a Professor or Commander before he is allowed to teach keeping the integrity and educational levels at high standards. This training is for professionals that will experience tremendous ability in structured Phases customized for their needs within reasonable time. Shen develops an energy field that destroys negative emotions and consistently searches to develop a powerful body in return generates energy to the brain to maintain this transformation of energies. Eliminating daily training encourages fatigue and depression that develops anger and hatred that destroy the internal organs. Modern psychology demands less medication, therapy, and a structured meditative system as QI Gong and Taijiquan.

Shen Psyche meditative pressurized force energy travels through the central nervous system conditioning contractile tissue by increasing muscle cell growth (hypertrophy) and proper bone growth (ossification). opening joints to have greater force in motion as bones connect to bones by ligaments (connective tissue) that are stretched to lengthen to prevent injuries that allow joints to be more supple with greater range of motion.

Cartilage compresses and expands strengthening the tissue as synovial fluid is injected into the joints to protect them from shock and supplies oxygen, nutrients, as it removes carbon dioxide and metabolic wastes from the chondrocytes within the surrounding cartilage. Shen Psyche pressure forced breathing attacks all negative energy in the meditation static Phase as the palms execute the laogong acupuncture points in the palms of the hands to stimulate the Yintang acupuncture point between the eyebrows as the Assassin feels energetic sensations followed by levels of heat pulsating as the palms circulate the mind. The Hegu acupuncture points in the webbed area between the thumb and index finger stimulate the Taiyang one of the stronger acupuncture points located one inch to the side of each eye that awakens the retina to alert neutrons that sent electronic signaling to the brain transmitting into the nervous system to energize the contractile muscles (hypertrophy) to begin to transform energies.

Shen energy sends electronic impulses to the brain that transmits electrical signaling to the nervous system to stimulate neuron energy cells that communicates through electrochemical waves along thin fibers called axons (nerve fibers) which causes chemicals called neurotransmitters to release it junctions called synapses.

Sensory neurons are made active by physical stimuli impinging on them and send signals and inform the central nervous system of the state of the body and the external environment. Motor neurons, situated in the central nervous system connect to muscles. Shen Psych meditative pressurized breathing awakens the assassin to energize the retina to begin transmitting signals sensory neurons that begin converting external stimuli from the environment into internal stimuli. They are made active by sensory senses of vision, touch, and hearing affecting the conscious and unconscious mind sending projections into the central nervous system conveying vital information to the brain and spinal cord. Physical modalities as light, sounds, and temperature activate the sensory neurons sparks the imagination to discover new energies.

Shen Psyche meditative pressurize combat energy force conditioning breathing develops muscular system to execute extreme exploding force.    

China’s Special Forces Assassins evolved from 7,000 years of traditional secretive military systems developed by Generals to create the invisible assassin supernatural immortality powers. The secret weapon is the transformation of the three secret treasure energies transforming in the microcosmic orbit to execute the fourth Special Forces Chen exploding force. This magnificent force executes extraordinary combat energy conditioning targeting muscular systems to development at astronomical levels. The first phase is to consistently energize the muscular system form fatiguing as Generals executes military secretive QI Gong ingenious energy force system that is the foundation for all military secretive traditional systems created 7,000 years ago and still researched by China’s government centers. Harvard medical school researched China’s QI Gong and Taijiquan and discovered that it is the best kept secret In medical history as the amount of disease it can cure and prevent is astronomical. QI Gong and Taijiquan demand Chinese authenticated international credentials to train this comprehensive elaborate system that was created from the five elements theory in acupuncture and is alternative medicine.

Shen Psyche executes QI meditative pressurized force breathing generating the endocrine system to execute animal instinct and behavior with energetic pressurized force executing explosive endurance and stamina. 

Assassination maneuvers condition continuously at extraordinary speeds executing enormous surges of powerful pressurized force conditioning the mind and body at supernatural levels. Assassins have an abundance of stored energies and create new ones in combat keeping the mind in a heightened level eliminating injuries and protecting the body. Witnessing Chen QI pressurized exploding force  at lightning speeds is extremely clear conventional martial arts were designed for sports only. Assassins condition on the battlefield as excluding force generates thrusting energy channels pulsating 13 organ systems, 78 internal organs, and the three treasurers energies that energize the assassin in his assault eliminating combat fatigue. Anger, tension punching and kicking, application of techniques, ground fighting, and two hand choking are extraordinarily slow, fatigue the muscles quickly, cause a tremendous amount of injuries, and generate combat fatigue.

Shen Psyche is energized consistently in maneuvers as 20 trusting energy channels circulate a powerful intrinsic energies that execute incredible quick responses from the mind that moves the body instinctively and naturally in precise assault patterns.

Assassin’s intellectual combat skills are executed simultaneously with extreme health in the combat energy conditioning maneuvers hours daily generating astronomical levels of transformations that creates supernatural powers consistently in intervals of 24 hours as it is rejuvenated. Assassins never deplete their energies and avoid psychological dependencies and psychoactive substance abuse that even in small amounts destroys their dynamic life force energy cycles.

The three thrusting channels form energy pathways connecting heaven and earth that are vital in every Shen Psyche pressurized breathing inhalation exhalation that generate open channels for the microcosmic orbit of energy that executes the three secret treasure energies that are the heart and soul of all QI Gong maneuvers.

Channels circulate energy that clears toxins, negative emotions, stagnated QI in blood flow, and allows imaginations to journey through pathways it creates when all energy fields simultaneously are functioning at maximum capacity.  Assassination maneuvers develop supernatural powers by executing immortal energies that create energetic new cells and tissues that to reconstruct the  biological life force system to develop immortality as Shen Psyche unconscious and conscious mind rejuvenate the body that transmits immortal energies that create new cells and tissues in the brain. Immortal energies stimulate the of creation of white blood cells that are vital for powerful immune system to resist disease, depression, and stress giving the body a healthy younger appearance glow as the new immortal cells and tissues in the face rejuvenate the skin. The aging process that is visual in the face is greatly influenced by the health of internal organs.

Shen Psyche / Download Cobra PDF File for Complete Comprehensive Methodology of Systems.

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Fire Dragon