DVD 180 Video Minutes / The Three Secret Treasure Energies Shen, QI and Jing evolved 7000 years ago by Taoist Monks are interacting harmoniously,

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Over three hours long.

QI Chinese KI Japanese / QI GONG the foundation for all Chinese military systems evolved 7000 years ago by Taoist Monks. QI creates meridian pathways that nourish the microcosmic orbit of energy by Transformations of energetic forces creating supernatural powers. The secrets of the universe begin with QI.

Secretive routines develop internal energy as the mind (Shen) is consistently in control. General Hsu, Fun Yuen’s 21 assassins executed the secretive routines before climbing the mountain into the enemies camps killings many of the high officers as possible. The picture of Prof. Dodaro in his 60s maintain’s extraordinary health and powerful combat executing pressurized force breathing in secret routines.
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TAIJIQUAN Prof. Black and blue credential
$37.50 DVD 180 Video Minutes / The Three Secret Treasure Energies Shen, QI and Jing ignite in the transformation of energies in the microcosmic orbit erupting the fourth secret energy Chen QI Meditative Exploding Devastating Pressurized Force. Chen evolves from supernatural energies generated in QI Gong the foundation for all Chinese Military Systems.

When Shen, QI and Jing are interacting harmoniously, our body, mind soul are balanced and harmonized

spirituality and immortality forces. Developing the microcosmic orbit is essential to stimulate the mind that generates intrinsic energy spiraling
through meridian QI Channels exploding QI energetic pressurized breathing. QI dynamic life force energy is transformed to the flow of energy around and through
the body, forming a cohesive and functioning unit. By understanding its rhythm and flow Chinese Doctors through QI Gong the highest healing level that Taijiquan
was evolved from develop treatments to provide stability and longevity. QI permeates everything preventing an astronomical amounts of disease and essentially
curing disease as researched by Harvard University Medical School and other universities research centers throughout the world. Shen Psyche Energy Force
executed in training over several years connects on a spiritual level by opening the sky eye that enters enlightenment awakening all senses generating a strong
intuition. Shen Psyche is the Spiritual Radiance seen in a person’s eyes, the emanation of Love that if we shared, wars, hatred, anger, and negative emotions
would self-destruct.

Jing energy, also called essence, is the primordial energy unique to an individual that governs the developmental growth
processes in the body and the rate and degree of determination of the body. Jing Is gathered from the earth through the yongquan point in the middle front part of
the foot. Jing travels through thrusting channels to the kidneys. Continues up the back into the Du Channel entering the Microcosmic Orbit of energy enhancing
all the internal organs through the nervous system. Accelerates to the Baihui point at the top of the head. Jing Is vitality energy that promotes extraordinary sexual
activity developing an energetic natural drive that creates incredible pulsating sensations from the entire bodies for a few hours without any medication. Jing
energy is executed by the transformation of Shen interacting with QI dynamic life force energy in the microcosmic orbit of energy affecting Shen Psyche.

QI energy is the most dynamic and immediate energy of the body. This unique energy results from the interaction of yin
and yang spiraling intrinsic energy that develops an unstoppable force. QI energy is vital energy primal energy and dynamic life force creating a healthy body
generating constant circulating QI transformations of all energies. QI spirals intrinsic energy through the 12 meridian channels and to replenish the dynamic
biological life force system. QI meditative pressurized breathing transformations of yin and yang enforce combat assault to astronomical levels. QI dynamic life
force energy connects with the spiritual world, executes all maneuvers, explodes Chen QI meditative pressurized force, transforms the eight superficial channels
evolving supernatural powers. QI develops the strongest emotion Love that is like a waterfall on energy rushing through our bodies. QI is the middle Dantian,
associated in particular with the Liver and Spleen Organ Systems located in the middle of the triple warmer. QI is the energy produced in the transformation of the
physical base energized by mental abilities of the mind. QI development allows assassins to feel intrinsic energies rushing through superficial pathways that feels
magnificent. QI ignites the imagination exploding Shen the conscious and unconscious mind executing creativity that erupts emotions to heal the mind.

The home of QI is the middle Dantian, it is associated in particular with the Liver and Spleen Organ Systems located in
the middle of the triple warmer. QI is the energy produced in the transformation of the physical base energized by mental abilities of the mind. QI Energy is
increased by transformation of original Shen, QI, and Jing within a human executes longevity in the physical life, and a true lasting spiritual rebirth. The three
treasurer energies engage in a transformation of the microcosmic orbits that opens 12 meridian and 8 superficies channels to the 78 internal organs, 13 organ
systems, and 12 major organs. Transformations are executed by Shen Psyche as assassins explode the imaginative creative senses pressurize force breathing
simultaneously with extraordinary powerful maneuvers that escalates energy at levels beyond human capacity. Assassins develop supernatural powers from the
explosiveness of transformations that make an addictive search to discover the secrets of the universe. Assassins train hours daily that executes electrically
signaling from the endocrine system that secretes hormones into the bloodstream and nervous system keeping the assassin at a heightened level consistently.
This dynamic signaling is vital to engage the assassin into the assault instantly as all weapons are ready to ignite. QI Gong executes an enormous amount of
energy transforming astronomical pathways that connects man nature especially the spiritual world allowing him to live in paradise.

QI is located in the middle Dantian energy field close to the sternum and is associated in particular with the liver and
spleen organ systems in the middle of the triple warmer. QI is the energy produced in transformation of the physical base energized by mental abilities of the
mind Shen. QI Life Force Energy interacts Yin and Yang opposing energy forces to generating QI intrinsic energy to enrich oxygenated blood and enhance the
dynamic biological life force system to stimulate the 12 meridians to energize the internal organs to function at maximum force with minimum energy. QI
Development is a primary test that inspires the Assassin to physically execute energy force against a powerful individual as the Commander moving him with
minimum energy. QI Development places pressurized force that eventually will increase according to the level of the Assassin in 8 directional patterns trying to
prevent him from accomplishing his maneuver in the routines. QI Energy is executed simultaneously in static maneuvers by Shen energy force through
breathing meditation that explodes in dynamic maneuvers with astonishing results encouraging the Assassin to believe in energies as he clearly sees and feels
the pathway to enlightenment and invincibility. Cmdr. and Prof. executes extraordinary precise supernatural powers as they demonstrate and peak performance.

Jing Vitality Energy located in the lower Dantian energy field is responsible for the reproductive energy firm and ova in
women and sperm in men, but can be depleted in men with acts of sexual activity including ejaculation and women at normal heavy menstruation. Energy
Maneuvers sculpture muscles while burning tremendous amounts of fat in a shorter time because of the consistency of high-powered movements nonstop for
over an hour. This energy creates an attractive looking body with tremendous amounts of Jing energy that arouses sexual activity to be performed in an energetic workout that burns more calories. Sexuality creates imagination sparking purpose for the assassin to increase energies especially to perform with their
lover. Love is the strongest emotion that conquers all negative emotions as it cleanses the body from head to toe like a powerful waterfall that enhances feelings
of happiness that is vital to keep internal organs functioning effectively. Negative emotions as hate and anger attack the liver creating disturbances in the
biological life for system. Love is expressed in many ways as physical contact interacts emotional energies especially through kiss as lips close connecting the
Ren and Du channels in the microcosmic orbit interacting with each other cause a burst of incredible intrinsic energy.
When parents have a happy relationship executing extraordinary sexual activity they are connected to each other
spiritually and physically as that is the reason for marriage. Children witnessing a happy lifestyle continued as they go to school enthusiastic and carry
that happiness to classmates. Cmdr. Hsu of China’s special forces assassins emphasized if the world train in QI Gong daily there would be no wars or disease as
citizens of the world which feel miraculous. Cmdr. expressed that QI Gong as the power to eliminate depression, stress, negative emotions, and maintaining a
healthy lifestyle. Shen the conscious and unconscious mind at superior strength destroyed psychoactive substance abuse and psychological dependencies that
desperately control emotions living your worst nightmare. Americans study the arts for combat not realizing the highest combat level is mastering your mind

QI connects the mind and body to function as one complete unit developing explosive combat energy executing Yin
and Yang intrinsic energies spiral on the outer circumference and just beneath the skin that withstands excruciating punishment while engaged in the assault.
QI energy pressurized force is physically tested expressing Shen Psyche that disrupts incoming force and transforms it into a positive force attacking the
source. QI meditative energy pressurized force has been successfully developed by Chicago’s Female Officers on the dangerous streets that executed this
meditative energy to stop criminal assaults, quickly control them, and apply restraints. QI, Shen, and Jing the three treasure energies transforming in the
microcosmic orbit are vital to develop supernatural forces to evolve the invincible assassin. Assassins are fortunate to feel these magnificent transformations
consistently throughout training that keeps them at a heightened level of alertness. Assassins train solidarity executing Chen explosive devastating force that
eliminates enemies quickly. Assassination maneuvers structure the smallest intricate movement to execute extreme force as spiritual pathways guide the
assassin to execute tremendous force. Tiger executes the endocrine system transforming animal instinct and behavior as electrically signaling is far superior
than through the nervous system and lasts indefinitely if rejuvenated daily net keeps assassins at a heightened alert level. Special Forces Assassins strengthen
intellectual skills to execute extreme level of combat. QI ignites electrically signaling from the retina through sensory neurons that explode in superficial
pathways engaging the assassin’s assault.


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