DVD 215 video minutes / Shaolin Temple Warrior Monk Quan-Fa Tiger and Cobra QI Meditative Pressurized Explosive Force Strikes

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TECHNIQUES 3 hrs and 45 min / each animal style is extremely powerful creating supernatural forces to execute deadly force quickly in proximity. Combat energy conditioning routines executes immediate response from the mind to the contractile sculpture muscles that instinctively enter into the assault at full power. China’s assassination execution maneuvers strengthen the mind to transform energetic forces creating explosive deadly strikes. Secretive routines execute the endocrine system that secretes a powerful hormone into the bloodstream developing mankind to have the behavior and killer instinct of the Ferocious Tiger. Electric signaling in the secret routines keeps assassins indefinitely at a heightened level of alertness.


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Pressurized Explosive Force DVD 3 hours and 35 video minutes / Shaolin Temple Quan-Fa Tiger and Cobra Warrior Monk QI Meditative Pressurized Explosive Force executed in close quarter combat. Created over 2000 years ago at the Shaolin Temple for the highest level Warrior Monks inner royal guards to protect the Abbot. C.P.R.S. Control / Pressure / Restraint / Submission / executes QI meditative pressurized force that excels beyond punching, kicking, blocking, two hand chokes, ground fighting, and control techniques. Proven effective by Chicago PD especially Female Officers on the dangerous city streets. Designed for the TSA Transportation Security Administration to execute close quarter combat in 18 inch pile of aircraft.

Pressurized Explosive Force Quan-Fa Tiger and Cobra executes a quick powerful strike that damages the peripheral nervous system instantly stoping the criminal from attacking. Pressurized force
is executed to a vital area with options of taking the criminal to faint or escalating to deadly force. Prof. Dodaro’s extensive comprehensive methodology advances you through five deadly maneuvers that is the foundation for the system as there are several combinations. Law enforcement officers execute the system extremely effective as it is a natural energetic system that prevents fatigue and keeps the mind at a heightened level of alertness consistently. The four DVDs were developed to simultaneously strengthen each individual system and create supernatural immortality powers as they transfer energies to each other. This ingenious endeavor is the foundation to evolved the invisible assassin.

Quan-Fa Tiger and Cobra executes combat tactical assault pressurized force energy

conditioning maneuvers that surpasses punching, kicking, blocking, two hand chokes, ground fighting, and control
techniques. China’s traditional military systems eliminate the enemy quickly on the battlefield as assassins assault destroying the enemies extremities. As the enemy launches the attack, the assassin executes the assault by striking the enemies arm paralyzing the peripheral nervous system that controls muscle with QI meditative explosive pressurized force. This extraordinary force penetrates destroying the bone continuing pressurized force crushing the arm into the enemy’s ribs.
The assassin’s secondary arm snakes up the chest under the chin undetected executes the King Cobra constricting
pressurized force that locks the assassin’s explosive Tiger Claw in a strategic position that each finger moves
simultaneously in opposite directions collapsing the jugular veins, carotid arteries, and bundles of nervous instantly as the palm crushes the throat.

The assassin injects the deadly poison into the carotid arteries that erupts simultaneously to the brain and heart to take the enemy to faint escalated deadly force.

The explosive takedown can easily be executed with a single hand as the assassin applies more pressure to the carotid arteries, the enemy is entering a faint and slowly collapses. The assassin continues pressure with the enemy sliding down the assassin’s leg as it is vital the enemy be on his side eliminating two extremities from counterattacking. Restraints can be applied safely, quickly, and professionally as the enemy can’t counterattack or escape. On the battlefield when the assassins entered enemy camps this type of execution was vital preventing enemy from making any sounds.
Shaolin Quan-Fa anti-terrorism, QI pressurized exploding force Tiger claw, King Cobra Qinna, and Tiger combat tactical assault energy conditioning maneuvers are excellent for law enforcement
agencies that can escalate to deadly force for terrorists. Law enforcement agencies today have extreme terrorist attacks that demands a specialized military system that can terminate them immediately, yet control criminals also. Cobra’s deadly
elaborate combat tactical assault energy maneuvers condition officers to transform electrically signaling from the retina through the nervous systems to engage the contractile muscles instantly in the assault. Terrorist’s professionally train to kill mentally and physically as law enforcement officers have family and other responsibilities making it difficult to adjust and it’s extremely dangerous because they have to evaluate between the criminal and terrorist instantly. IDS was created after 911 when Capt. Fred Bates and other pilots attended a C.P.R.S. seminar and gave Prof. Dodaro permission to developed the system, unfortunately the TSA took control the airlines and requested Prof. Dodaro to relocate in Las Vegas
at the headquarters, with his successful business was impossible.
Shaolin Quan-Fa QI pressurized exploding force Tiger claw, King Cobra Qinna, and Tiger combat tactical assault energy conditioning maneuvers. It is impossible to apply techniques by law enforcement officers in a confrontation for the criminal fights back or resists to be restraint. Prof. Dodaro spent a large part of his
auxiliary training traveling with the Sgt. of SWAT for five years where he witnessed officers arresting criminals and applying restraints that greatly influenced the method of training in his system. Cobra executes QI pressurized force that can be placed anywhere on the criminal to stop him from fighting. Pressurized exploding force executes safest level by
striking the criminals arm devastating the peripheral nervous system and brings the criminal off balance forward as the
officer,s same hand snakes of the chest executing the Tiger claw controlling the carotid arteries. Quickly execute a safe
takedown the criminal on his side eliminating to his extremities to strike with and vision of the officer. If the criminal lies
on his back he can see everything the officer is doing and has the ability of the entire body to fight back. Pressurized
explosive force executes an explosive strike that destroys the criminals arm and instantly locks on to the carotid arteries
or strikes to the forehead and collapses the criminal to the ground executing deadly force. Professional takedowns allows
one officer to control the criminal with one hand on the carotid arteries and one knee behind the criminals back. This
allows the officer to easily apply restraints and has a secondhand free to ask for help on the radio or draw his firearm if
others attack. This is demonstrated in the PDF manual.

Shaolin Quan-Fa QI pressurized exploding force Tiger claw, King Cobra Qinna, and Tiger
combat tactical assault energy
conditioning maneuvers. QI pressurized exploding devastating force is to execute
a strike to the arm that penetrates the peripheral nervous system that shocks the arm continued the force to injure the
muscle breaking the bone with one arm as the second arm strikes the head separating the spinal cord to faint or escalate
to deadly force. This execution can also use the same arm to crush the enemy’s arm into his chest with continuous
pressure as the dragon claw crushes the throat. QI meditative pressurized force strikes are executed incredible speeds
that with multiple attackers crush them into each other as the explosive force penetrates the brain shifting it violently or to
the chest damaging the heart. Martial artists grab the criminals arm with two arms allowing the criminal to kill with his
opposite arm or easily escape. Pressurized force doesn’t grab that causes fatigue quickly, it lightly controls and executes
the entire body with devastating force. Cobra is China’s traditional military system that has been proven effective over the
past 7000 years created by military generals.

Shaolin Quan-Fa QI pressurized exploding force Tiger claw, King Cobra Qinna, and Tiger
combat tactical assault energy
conditioning maneuvers. Shen Psyche the conscious and unconscious mind is
the control center that must possess the necessary comprehensive education for a law enforcement officer to truly
understand how combat tactical assault energy conditioning can provide a safer environment simultaneously
extraordinary health. Combat is useless if the officer is in poor condition lacking stamina, endurance, and tries to use
conventional techniques. Law enforcement officers are in a professional field that inadequate conditioning can take their
lives and prescription drugs effects their decision and energy levels. Prof. Dodaro 56 years ago began conditioning his
mind and body. At 14 he was fortunate to discovered China’s traditional military systems of QI Gong, Taijiquan, and Shaolin the three oldest and highest level systems in the world and advanced to Prof. in those systems.

Shaolin Quan-Fa QI Meditative Pressurize Force proven effective 27 years by
Chicago PD on the dangerous
City streets is strategically designed for California Law Enforcement Agencies.
Prof. Dodaro evolved C.P.R.S. Control Pressure Restraint Submission in 2006 a traditional Shaolin Quan-Fa system
approved by the state of Illinois and received the highest level of recommendations by police officers at state seminars.
In March season of 2016 Prof. Dodaro releases China’s military traditional system that evolved over 7,000 years by
Emperors, Generals, Taoists and Shaolin Monks to the United States Department of Defense and Department of Justice.
Prof. Dodaro can strategically, scientifically, and ingeniously evolve a traditional Chinese military system customized to
the agencies specific needs. C.P.R.S. was proven effective by Chicago PD especially female officers. Cobra is an
extraordinary advanced system with astronomical levels onevolving over the past 46 years as Prof. Dodaro’s elaborate
comprehensive methodology with authentic international credentials escalated tremendously.


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