2 DVD Set 224 Video Minutes Military / Xingyiquan Tiger Imperial Warrior Invincible Assassin combat tactical assault devastating
pressurized force.

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Two DVD set 4 hrs Combat energy conditioning maneuvers execute devastating lethal strikes in continuous motion. Execution of
meditative pressurized force increase breathing capabilities and endurance. Secret animal routines structures the muscle system to
withstand extraordinary excruciating pain while continuing in the assault. Combat energy conditioning is imperative to execute
electrically signaling from the mind to the contractile muscles instantly is the assassin is a heightened alert level consistently.




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2.Master TaiChi 17X11
Military Xingyiquan Tiger Imperial Warrior invincible assassin combat tactical assault devastating pressurized
force. Xingyiquan created by General Yue Fei Song Dynasty 960 to 1279 AD.
Xingyiquan as all traditional Chinese military systems
evolved from the five elements of metal it executes chopping, water executes drilling, wood executes crushing, fire executes exploding, and Earth executes
crossing. Xingyiquan also executes the 12 animals Dragon, Tiger, Snake, Eagle, Bear, Monkey, Crane, Horse, Chicken, Swallow, Hawk, and Crocodile. Traditional
Chinese long and short weapons are strong part of Xingyiquan as their execution is strictly straight forward military style. Cmdr. Hsu always placed QI Gong at the
highest level, followed by Taijiquan, Tongbeiquan, Xingyiquan, Baguazhang, and Shaolin that trained the Warrior Monks in all of the systems at the Temple. Each
Chinese traditional military system’s foundation is from QI Gong it is executed differently, but amazingly similar results. Xingyiquan is famous for Tiger’s
tremendous strength and explosive deadly pressurized force. China’s traditional military systems execute exploding force from the transformation of the three
secret treasure energies Shen, QI, and Jing in the microcosmic orbit of energy that explodes Chen devastating force. This explosion of supernatural powers and
immortality forces takes years to develop.

Xingyiquan devastating explosive force is channeled in its own unique fashion that is difficult to understand as
a Tiger assassination maneuver stays in the same position for two minutes without movement.
The 12 animal routine,
competition form, two-person maneuvers, and weapon routines consistently move with slight pauses after the explosive force. The five elements fists or five shape
fists are linear routines that never go in a reverse direction. Xingyiquan assassins never retreat, always attack, and develop the slow twitch muscles from fatiguing
and explore from a stationary stance to dynamic assault conditioning the fast twitch muscles. China’s traditional systems execute combat tactical assault energy
conditioning to destroy the enemy that demands the body and mind to developed the muscular system to maneuver as the nervous system is electrically signaling
by Shen Psyche. This is ingeniously designed to execute extraordinary force in close quarter combat on the battlefields that doesn’t fatigue the muscles and kills
instantly. Difficult for Americans to understand that mainly practice sport martial arts and rely on punching, kicking, and techniques that are totally useless on the
battlefield. It is imperative to keep forearms close to the chest to protect the vital organs from knife attack simultaneously allow the assassin to strike with the
entire forearms executing explosive dragon claw or crushing elbow. The forearm can take enormous excruciating force while engaged in the assault, as a punch
breaks easily on impact and needs to recoil to strike again as forearms once in never retract. Tigers in the wild attack prey with their forelimbs first, then opened
the claws to control the prey.

Military Xingyiquan Ferocious Tiger and Cobra executed in Shaolin Quan-Fa to engage in the assault and
strengthens Shaolin Tiger.
Xingyiquan engages in the assault with one forearm close to the chest and the second forearm slightly more out to collapse
the enemy’s attack in any type of approach. Xingyiquan’s explosive entrance on a 45° angle devastates the attacker crushing this forearm into the enemies chest
with pressurized force continually as quickly the King Cobra is released attacking carotid arteries applying pressure to faint or escalating to deadly force. Tiger
assassin locks his foot on the inside of the enemy’s foot as simultaneously the assassins knee is on the outside of the enemies knee executing pressurized force
that can break the leg easily. Assassins left hand pushes the enemies right shoulder forward as the assassin’s right-hand controls the carotid arteries. This entire
maneuver takes about a second to apply as a law enforcement officer quickly takes the enemy in a takedown on his side that applies restraints. It is impossible for
the enemy to see this happening so quickly as the assassin transmits electrically signaling from the retina through the nervous system to the contractile muscles
quickly. Chicago PD timed Prof. Dodaro on this maneuver from entrance to take down in two-seconds. Assassination maneuvers train the assassin to enter
quickly, control, then execute take down. Tiger trains consistently to enter quickly executing force that takes the enemy off balance and easily crushes the enemy
to the ground.

Military Xingyiquan Tiger assassination maneuvers strengthen the skeleton and muscular system through
physical pressure, nervous system, endocrine system, circulatory system, and respiratory system simultaneously.

Xingyiquan Assassins generate incredible energies in low Tiger maneuvers that have 75% weight on the left back leg with left hand close to the naval and 25%
weight on the right front leg and right arm extended out. Prof. Dodaro executes this posture in the picture with the Dragon. Assassins stay in this meditative
maneuver for two minutes executing deep pressurized forced breathing as they consistently sink a little lower. In bone physiology the ossification process of
placing pressure on the bone to properly increase bone marrow that is vital to help produce new red and white blood cells. This maneuver strengthens the slow
twitch muscles from fatiguing as the joints are open for larger range of motion as electrically signaling increases dramatically as the muscular system increases
cell mass as it sculptures the muscle. Jing energy enters from the Yongquan acupuncture energy field point in the middle of the ball of the foot that follows
meridian channels to the kidneys. Jing develops powerful force and transmits energy to the bone and muscle as it is executed in the transformation with Shen and
QI in the microcosmic orbit of energy.

The endocrine system executes electrically signaling through the nervous system as it secretes supernatural
hormones into the bloodstream entering the circulatory system to generate extraordinary development.
Shen Psyche
executes electrically signaling through the cranial and central nervous system to the peripheral nervous system to strengthen the muscle. The assassin executes
pressurized forced breathing through the respiratory system that energizes the heart to pulsate large volumes of oxygen enriched blood to nourish skeleton and
muscular system. Shen Psyche visual imagery ignites the imagination in deep meditation to execute transformations of energies that circulates through these
areas executing supernatural powers. Hip joints open to inject synovial fluid into the joints and remove the waste that creates a larger range of motion. Assassins
began this maneuver at 30 seconds and slowly build strength to two minutes. Next exhale quickly with tremendous pressurized force breathing as the assassin
explodes into the opposite side. Xingyiquan continues this process with five different maneuvers taking two hours in daily training. Cmdr. Hsu with his disciple
execute one maneuver the length of the Academy and back, then the second until all five are completed. Legs become extraordinary powerful and arms as they
are held straight out preventing them from fatiguing on the battlefield.

Military Xingyiquan develops Shen Psyche at astronomical levels in meditative maneuvers that generate
incredible force executing supernatural powers.
Xingyiquan executes the most excruciating pain as it enhances all of China’s traditional
secretive military systems. Xingyiquan assassins execute the full system daily and add sections of Tongbeiquan, QI Gong, Taijiquan, and Shaolin Assassins in
training sessions. QI Gong and Taijiquan assassins execute Xingyiquan in sections of their routines. Prof. Dodaro trains in full routines QI Gong and Military
Dragon Taijiquan daily adding routines of Xingyiquan and Tongbeiquan. Military Xingyiquan develops supernatural powers and immortality forces in low
strenuous maneuvers enormous excruciating pain. Xingyiquan is not designed for civilians as they would never have the patience.

Xingyiquan engages in the assault like the ferocious Tiger at a 45° angle entering with explosive force in a
downward thrust to crush through the enemy’s defense and smashed into the ground.
Xingyiquan develops the greatest
entrance into the assault that trains the endocrine system to instantly execute animal instinct and behavior that ignites electrically signaling from Shen Psyche
to erupt the nervous system to engage the contractile muscles at full explosive force. Visualize a ferocious Tiger in a low stalking movement explode destroying
the prey as it is crushed to the ground. The Tiger has tremendous explosive force that overpowers the prey easily as forelimbs crushed through the defense,
claws digging in deep, and teeth rip apart the neck within a few seconds. Cmdr. Hsu instructed his disciple to witness animals kill on television and never watch
sport fighting that weakens your mind. Emperors and Generals created military systems by witnessing the Warriors on the battlefield and the animals in the wild
condition and kill. If warriors had weak conditioning they were injured or killed quickly that severely placed their armies in great danger. Warriors that engaged in
the assault executing Xingyiquan killed quickly without fatiguing themselves as they prevented a long fight. Xingyiquan executed the entire mind and body
simultaneously that overpowered the enemy.

Xingyiquan and Tongbeiquan execute QI meditative pressurized force breathing that intensifies the
endocrine system secreting supernatural hormones into the bloodstream for extended time that creates
supernatural forces.
Electrically signaling transforms for weeks rejuvenated daily in training sessions that keep assassins at a heightened alert level.
This extraordinary conditioning develops the muscular and skeleton systems to execute extraordinary devastating force simultaneously while engaged in the
assault withstand excruciating pain continuing at maximum force. Shen Psyche consistently transmit signaling as impulsive energy surges executed
transformations of energies from this astonishing conditioning to energize Shen Psyche.


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