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Military QI Gong / Download Cobra PDF File for Complete Comprehensive Methodology of Systems.

Wushu Professor Hong Chao Zhang certified Master Joseph Dodaro to Grand Master of Shaolin September 5, 2012, Grand Master of Military QI Gong and Grand Master Military Taijiquan September 6, 2012 after 20 years of private training.

Wushu Professor Hong Chao Zhang a government educator is one of the five founders of QI Gong Research Association at Wuhan and Shanghai Institute of  Physical Education where he holds Bachelors and Graduate Degrees in Gong Fu. Wushu is a classification of all China’s combat systems over the past 7,000 years continuously being researched by military Generals and government research centers. Zhang has won several Wushu gold medals in international  and national competitions in China, and was is international Wushu Judge. Professor Zhang is an expert in Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Tuina (massage) and treating sports injuries. He as the instructor for Hubei Providence Police Organization where he instructed officers in inna (joint locks), Dianxue (acupuncture points) to quickly paralyze a criminal, take them to faint preventing escape or attack, or escalate to deadly force and Wushu combat energy conditioning.

Military secretive traditional QI Gong meditative combat energy conditioning pressurized breathing force maneuvers execute the three secret treasure energies exploding the fourth Chen devastating force.

QI Gong maneuvers supply the muscles with secretive powerful energies that energize 24 hours then revitalized in the next training session. Fitness exercises fatigue the muscles causing injuries as the energy depletes in short time. QI Gong has unique routines energizing the dynamic biological life force system to energize itself at maximum force with minimum energy. Phase 1 Shen Psyche executes meditative pressurize energy breathing force that executes explosions in astronomical amounts that opens the Yintang Dantian acupuncture energy field located between the eyebrows connecting to the spiritual world spiraling intrinsic energies into the mind channeling to brain and the liver. Yongquan acupuncture energy field point in the ball of the foot spirals Jing intrinsic vitality sexual energy from the earth to the Qihai center Dantian acupuncture energy field point just below the navel developing extraordinary strength. imultaneously the Laogong acupuncture energy field point in the middle of the Palm spirals intrinsic energies in a direct channel to the Shanzhong Dantian heart acupuncture energy field point that transforms with QI dynamic life force energy the middle Dantian. Jing, Shen, and QI the three secret treasure energies exploded in the microcosmic orbit the secret weapon for China’s military systems.

Professor Zhang’s comprehensive extensive methodology has taken Grand Master Dodaro to astonishing levels that consistently increase in daily training that has shown miraculous results in his teachings inspiring others to develop a healthy life style.

Spirituality escalates the imagination to search for the secrets of the universe to help mankind develop supernatural powers to find the pathway to enlightenment. Shen Psyche the conscious and unconscious mind is the command center that destroys psychological dependencies and psychoactive substance abuse that is vital to enjoy a healthy life. Modern psychology and psychiatry has discovered China’s QI Gong and Taijiquan practiced daily with therapy has better results then medication and without side effects. Qigong the conditioning health Art that that has been researched is the best kept secret in medical history. Harvard Medical School “Health Care” is the Treatment and Prevention of Illness “QI Gong and Taijiquan are the best-kept secret in preventive medicine.” “Tai Chi (Qigong Style) is often described as “meditation in motion,” but it might well be called “medication in motion.” There is growing evidence that this mind-body practice, which originated in China as a Military Art, has value in treating or preventing many health problems.”

The endocrine system glands secretes hormones directly into the bloodstream and simultaneously transmits electric signals that executes animal instinct and behavior.

This transformation of hormones generates Shen QI pressurized breathing force to have the heart pulsate large volumes of oxygenated enriched blood nourish the contractile muscles as the assassin feels the strength of the Panther placing enormous amounts of pressure muscles increasing cell mass. The transformation of the three treasure energies explode forth secret energy Chen exploding force that executes spiraling surges of intrinsic energies through central nervous system activating acupuncture energy field points in the microcosmic orbit thrusting channels intensifying energy as it enters into the peripheral nervous system igniting electrical
energy cells eliminating muscle.

Phase 1 executes the 7,000 year old original system QI Gong pressurized force breathing.

The government sanctioned Taoists Monks to develop a system to create supernatural immortality powers. QI Gong is the foundation for all Chinese traditional secretive military systems and maneuvers. Specialized routines were designed from observing wild animals as Tigers that would create enormous amounts of energy force as the routine escalated demanding extraordinary amounts of pressurized force breathing. Commanded by Shen Psyche to move the circulatory system that injected hormones from the endocrine system glands executing animal instinct and behavior. Maneuvers are individual movements in traditional routines that are strategically designed to transfer internal and external energy sources to explode dynamic force continuously from the entire body.

Shen Psyche the conscious and unconscious mind executes pressurized force to generate the 13th organ systems to pulsate endocrine hormones enhancing the 78 internal organs to transform these powerful fluids quickly to nourish the muscles.

Simultaneously electrical signals from the endocrine glands creates a miraculously transformation as Shen transmits electrical signals down the central nervous system into the peripheral nervous system conditioning muscles that are sculptured to engage in the assault as a tiger. QI pressurized force breathing accelerates these transformations to maneuver the smallest intricate position with maximum force as the mind develops pathways for the body. Close quarter combat assault is executed at full force within inches of the enemy with devastating force that can escalate to deadly force. Cobra combat conditioning sculptures the body to move and execute combat instinctively specializing to the specific animal or Special Forces traditional secretive system. Grand Master Dodaro pictured above at 60 is in extreme combat conditioning, no prescription drugs, doesn’t drink alcohol, or smoke as energies keep the mind at a heightened response level making correct decisions 24 hours.

Supernatural energetic power forces pulsating through the nervous systems ignites 20 Meridian Channel pathways, generates the circulatory system, explodes 20 thrusting energy channels, and activates acupuncture energy fields that creates China’s Special Forces’s invincible assassin executing an imaginative atmosphere connecting with the spiritual world.

Assassins are solitary predators who devote specialized quality time to train in traditional secretive military systems daily that escalates energy levels immensely. China’s traditional secret military dynamic life force energy systems enhance meditative imagination creativity that escalates the mind to astronomical levels to discover the secrets of the universe taking individualists on a journey to discover immortality powers. Meditation is being used by Apple to produce better creativity in their products and several other large corporations to move into a futuristic high-technological world. China’s traditional military systems execute meditative pressurized force breathing routines generating transformations energies through 20 thrusting energy channels that produce extraordinary feelings making the training sessions addictive and eliminating negative forces. Each energy is a specialized force executing explosive surges to target a specific area as a internal organ then transforms with other energies to create superior force. Jing energizes the kidneys, Jing is essence inherited from parents our (DNA) growth patterns, Kidney Essence produces marrow, which produces bone marrow and fills the spine, bone marrow and spinal cord.  Jing vitality escalates sexual energy executing love that destroys negativity reading happiness and longevity.

This magnificent energetic transformation continues for hours as the assassin executes the traditional secretive military systems as each maneuver demands specialized transformations to develop supernatural powers. QI Gong,

Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, Tongbeiquan, and Shaolin attack muscles in unique transformations that are strategically aligned to develop extraordinary strengths to move the body quickly in a eight directional Baguazhang pressure force circular routines. Pathways are created daily over years for each individual traditional secretive system and combat energy neuvers as Shen Psyche instantly programs the transformations and executes them specifically for each traditional secretive system and maneuver. Intrinsic energies consistently transform for 24 hours in the assassin at a heightened alertness as the dynamic biological life force system generates energetic forces that functions at maximum efficiency minimum energy. Shen Psyche energize eliminates fatigue, depression, and stress as it promotes an active lifestyle. Jing vitality sexual energy is generated in the three secret treasure energies executes passionate erotic at energies extraordinary levels for hours.

Military Secretive QI Gong developed over 7000 years ago is China’s secret weapon that is the foundation for all secretive military systems. Professor Zhang is internationally famous for training thousands of Chinese including government officials and military leaders. 

Professor has designed a shorter medical QI Gong system for civilians. Professor mastered acupuncture that is vital in QI Gong to know precisely where these points are located and activate them through meditative pressurized force breathing, sound frequencies, and by Shen Psyche the conscious and unconscious mind. Acupuncture energy field points transform energies that directly enhance all 78 internal organs. Professor Zhang trained Grand Master Dodaro privately in the most comprehensive system that has been researched by major universities and specialized research centers set up by China’s government to keep the massive population healthy.

Professor Zhang begins training Master Dodaro in a secretive QI Gong system that secret family clans only selected one family member to teach early  mornings before the family had waken.

It is vital that the maneuver be executed perfectly for maximum energy development to generate thrusting energy channels that transforms intrinsic energies. Meridian channels run through the fascia that cover all the muscles that affect all the internal organs. QI Gong as all Chinese systems can only begin to be taught by authentic masters that takes 20 years of private lessons as this is the original comprehensive system to teach and the greatest combat energy conditioning system in the world. Authentic Grand Masters and Professors offer the highest education possible. Each maneuver greatly affects all 78 organs, 13 major organ system, the biological life force system, and develops the mind and body for extreme combat. Professor trains the Grand Master with medical charts showing acupuncture energy points connected by Meridian channels that align perfectly to circulate energies.

Military Secretive QI Gong was developed to take the assassin quickly into a meditative spiritual state of mind through QI Gong  pressurized force  breathing that eliminates negative emotions as Shen Psyche begins activating energy fields.

Each set of maneuvers executes thrusting energy channels for deeper circulation as the lungs get stronger with meditative pressurize breathing and force. The 13 organ systems are fired up as they pulsate oxygen enriched blood to the extremities nourishing internal organs in the pathway. The second section of maneuvers settle in deep meditative stances that force energies to transform strengthening the powerful force that energizes the biological life force system. Pathways activate acupuncture energy fields creating a transformation developing supernatural forces that connect the spiritual world releasing animal instincts and behavior. Shen Psyche explodes thrusting energy channels igniting powerful forces transforming all intrinsic energies creating a massive explosion that rushes back to Shen Psyche creating ultimate force.

Special Forces QI Gong maneuvers are strategically designed to take the assassin on a spiritual journey that continually increase energy to force the transformation of intrinsic energies to explode at maximum force executing supernatural immortality powers that places assassins in their own universe.

Military QI Gong is China’s secret weapon that is the foundation for all military traditional secretive systems that develop supernatural powers through transformation of secretive energies in long routines 2 to 3 hours daily that are vital to circulate the transformation of secretive energies.  supreme levels Grand Master and Professor develop this ability to have been trained in a comprehensive methodology education to present this astonishing force reserved for governments professionals, military, and law enforcement to save their lives as they protect our great nation.

China’s military systems and family clans execute dynamic life force energy creating spiritual Enlightenment to develop supernatural immortality powers.

These systems are designed from China’s great culture that include calligraphy, poetry, herbs, music, internal medicine, healing, meditation, combat, energies, weapons, acupressure,  transformation of energy, acupuncture, self-healing, education, knowledge, wisdom, respect, spiritual guidance, understanding nature, connecting with animal spiritual behavior, magnetism, nourishment’s, family honor and belief in life.

Professor Zhang documents QI Gong research at the Shanghai and Wuhan Institute of Physical Education as Doctors, Scientists, and Professors are extremely excited on the healing powers that are developed.

Extraordinary energy sources have been created after years of transformations of intrinsic three secretive treasure energies in the microcosmic orbit forces that are executed to activate acupuncture energy fields for extreme combat health . Military QI Gong has no limitations in the healing process and for 7,000 years this magnificent system has preventive and cured millions without the use of prescription drugs. QI Gong professional training for as little as an hour a day creates an energy surge that last 24 hours accomplishing extraordinary amounts of daily tasks. QI Gong generates a spiritual radiance in the eyes with a brilliant glow of serenity and happiness that is attractive to all that witness these supernatural powers. In China Royal family clans train in QI Gong early mornings and late evenings as families eliminates psychological dependencies and psychoactive substance abuse because the energy flow in QI Gong so incredible altering lifestyle dramatically prevents the energy transformations from transforming that weakens Send Psyche attracting depression, stress, and fatigue. Royal families live next to each other their entire lives.

Military Secretive QI Gong executes a superior force to heal patients with a positive energy force that when reversed can destroy instantly.

Military QI Gong is a specialized energy system executed by solitary assassins that ignite assassination maneuvers to create an explosive energy force that only they will feel. Military Secretive systems will never be revealed because it is impossible to reach extraordinary energy levels without hours of training daily to execute intrinsic energies that develop the dynamic biological life force system. Assassins are solitary predators that connects the spiritual world that energizes their imagination to look inside their bodies and strengthen each section while simultaneously developing incredible intellectual combat skills. The Transformation of energies is never the same formula as individuals feel and see things differently as it is impossible to reach supernatural powers without enlightenment.

Chinese Generals and Commander’s destiny has been set for them at birth to master the eight traditional military systems training soldiers to protect the citizens of the country from assaults and educate them mentally and physically to be healthy.

China’s secret family clans estimated to be over hundred thousand different combat and health styles that improves longevity increasing intellectual skills that control emotions. China’s powerful nation executes Meditative QI Gong pressurized force  breathing to help citizens prevent illness, fatigue, and enjoy longevity.

China’s secret family clans raise powerful warriors from generation to generation that were designated to bring their secretive systems to military and design a civilian system for citizens that creates extraordinary energy force allowing them to live in harmony. Secretive family clans honored by the citizens as they trust their reputation to train them giving their lives great value.

QI Gong over 7000  years old, the original system and Taijiquan developed from QI Gong over 2000 years old are China’s superior systems that have been proven effective with the greatest benefits. Traditional systems created by Generals raised in  secretive family clans handed down over thousands of years are the only systems accepted in this great nation. Children begins training in their family systems at six years old but have been introduced to traditional movements since birth as parents help stretch them in play at one-year-old. Schools demand children walk to school have extraordinary difficult classes their first six hours, walk home and eat, then back to classes for two more hours. Children are taught traditional Chinese systems in their schools and to honor all China systems as each family clan presents their system in a special way.

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