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China’s Special Forces Cobra combat tactical assault pressurized force energy condition maneuvers has been created for all Federal and California Law Enforcement Agencies.

Commander Hsu, Fun Yuen second-in-command at China’s Military Academy trained Grand Master Joseph Dodaro in traditional Chinese Military Systems. Commander evolved China’s Special Forces Assassination Maneuvers for the United States Department of Defense and China’s Special Forces Combat Tactical Assault for the United States Department of Justice. Commander Hsu created C. P. R.S. for Grand Master Joseph Dodaro that was approved by the state of Illinois and responsible for training Law Enforcement Agencies for 27 years with incredible proven results. Cobra an extraordinary advanced Law Enforcement System is being presented to the United States Department of Justice and California Law Enforcement Agencies as CHP California Highway Patrol. Law Enforcement Agencies can reconstruct Cobra to work within their Federal and State regulations.

law Enforcement Agencies have a unique opportunity to train in a traditional military system presented by General LI and Commander Hsu of China’s Military Academy to Grand Master Dodaro over 20 years private training 20 hours per week.

This magnificence combat tactical assault conditioning maneuver system is a holistic approach executing superior combat intellectual skills, enhanced health, extraordinary combat energy conditioning that sculptors muscles to assault without fatigue, Shen powerful mind control, prevention of PTSD eliminating combat fatigue, and a consistent energy flow of intrinsic specialized energy forces keeping officer at a heightened alert level consistently for were 24 hours.

Cobra executes fast offensive entrances with quick meditative energetic pressurized force to control preventing the criminal from escape or attacking with any part of his body.

This amazing pressurized force maneuver can continue to execute deadly force or explode to a safe controlled takedown with specialized pressurized force that allows minimum effort with one hand to control the criminal while the officer’s secondhand has several options as applying restraints, draw the firearm if there’s a threat from other attackers, or call for assistance. Safe handcuffing is vital as criminals practice reversing techniques to deadly force. Grand Master Dodaro has extraordinary specialty skills in knife combat and retention. Cobra never executes punches, blocks, kicks, techniques, two hand chokes, or ground fighting that are ineffective and slow against skilled attackers. FBI statistics 85% of law enforcement officers that threw a punch or kick in a confrontation.

Grand Master Joseph Dodaro Professionally trained Chicago Police, Cook, McHenry, DuPage, and Kane County Sheriffs. Corrections Response Team (CRT), plus city Law Enforcement Officers for those counties for 27 years.

He was a Kane County auxiliary deputy sheriff 1997-2002. Defensive tactical educator for the state of Illinois (N.E.M.R.T.) 2002-2007 created a state approved combat energy conditioning system C.P.R.S. Control Pressure Restraint Submission scoring perfect scores at state training seminars for five years. Created IDS Internal Defense System for the Aviation Industry specifically for Captain Fred Bates head of security for American Airlines and IDS for the TSA Transportation Security Administration. IDS system included four DVDs on health, combat energy conditioning, QI pressurized force, and the 1800 page Defensive Tactical CD Manual with 900 page full pictures of Shaolin’s deadly poison hands.

Special Forces Cobra combat tactical pressurized force energy condition maneuvers for Chicago Female Law Enforcement Officers. Assassins execute Chen QI pressurized exploring force instantly before the enemy can launch his attack.

Chen executes the assault with Xingyiquan ferocious Tiger that has developed extraordinary energy strength throughout the body that engages in the assault as a Tiger crushes his prey. The assassin instantly strikes the enemy’s attacking arm with a pressurized force strike that paralyzes the nervous system shooting a devastating precise force to the brain overloading the senses and continuing down the central nervous system preventing the leg contractile muscles from moving. Chen QI pressurized force paralyzing the arm as the assassin pressures the arm against the enemy’s body and the secondary exploding force palm quickly locks onto the carotid arteries, juggler veins, and bundles of nerves surrounding the throat that incapacitates him instantly. This execution has saved Chicago Female Officers on the dangerous streets for 27 years in Grand Master Dodaro’s C.P.R.S. state approved law enforcement system. Female Officer execute internal energy force with extraordinary quick reflexes that control the criminal’s legs as the officer’s legs place pressure on them and with minimum force control the criminal and with fingers on carotid arteries can safely place him on ground continually applying pressure and bring him to a faint if necessary as the officers secondhand apply restraints. This procedure can escalate the pressure force strike can easily break the criminals arm and simultaneously crush the throat.

Grand Master Joseph Dodaro Professionally trained Chicago, Kane, DuPage, and McHenry County Law Enforcement Officers for 27 years in his facility, on site in specialized state approved classes, and seminars with proven Chicago street results

Designed specialized health conditioning systems taught on-site by his student instructors for 27 years in several hospitals, large corporations, and park districts. Privately trained Professional Bodyguards in an elaborate strategical system offering public protection for wealthy families, corporations, security companies, and trained the VIPs to protect themselves. Grand Master Dodaro’s authentic credentials from the Commander of China’s Special Forces and Professor of China’s Wushu, extensive knowledge, education, comprehensive methodology, and extraordinary combat energy conditioning physique at 60 years old gives him outstanding professional authority to design combat tactical energy conditioning systems for the United States Military, Homeland Security, California Law Enforcement Agencies, Bodyguards, Government Close Protection Agents, and Security Operatives. Systems are strategically, scientifically, and specifically designed privately for each organization’s special use. Systems can be specialized for gender, level of threat, use of force, health conditioning only, or extreme combat.

Special Forces Cobra combat pressurized force energy condition maneuvers for Chicago Law Enforcement Officers controlling street gangs.

Training prior to going on duty created an energy force that energized the officer at a heightened level of awareness for 24 hours. Pressurized force generates the transformation of energies that executes animal instinct and behavior increasing force and a maximum level. Officers need their minds to execute a strong intuition that senses the criminal’s actions and advance quickly to prevent the attack from advancing. Assassination maneuvers train assassins to move in a low cross leg eight directional Baguazhang pattern twisting making it impossible for enemies to stop this powerful force. Assassins keep their forearms close to their chest protecting against knife attacks and camouflaging the assault as pressurized exploring force is executed within inches of the enemy devastating the enemy quickly. Assassins never fatigued muscles by kicking and punching that is easy to detect and easier to defend against.

Shaolin Qinna (Chin-Na) control is famous for sealing the breath, misplacing the bone, joint locks, ground grappling, attacking acupuncture energy points, and crushing to the ground in China’s famous wrestling system over 4000 years old Jiao Di (Shuai Jiao modern name) executed by a famous General in the Yellow Emperors Army.

Qinna was executed to disarm armed adversaries in close quarter combat, as a smaller skilled man could defeat a more powerful enemy. Famous Chinese systems as Shaolin Qinna, Chuan-Fa, Eagle Claw, White Crane, Tiger Claw, Shuai Jiao, Dim Mak (Death Touch or Death-Point Striking, destroy meridian channels), and Dragon Claw executes over 200 Qinna movements. Qinna quickly disarms weapon attacks applying deadly poison claw.

China and Japan’s Police Forces executes Qinna to control criminals, quickly forced them into Cobra constrictions, and then quickly apply restraints.

Qinna is the foundation for Japanese martial arts styles of Aikido, Aiki-Jujutsu, Judo, Jujutsu, Judo, and Wrestling. Assassin’s execute Chen QI energy pressurized force to injure the enemy quickly apply Qinna to constrict from escape when capturing is the alternative for law enforcement. Shaolin Qinna is applied briefly to the enemy’s arms as the cobra poison claw quickly snakes up the chest undetected and hidden by the enemy’s chin then inflicts the deadly venom into the carotid arteries traveling through meridian deadly pathways instantly. Extremely effective in weapon retention and multiple attackers as assassins maneuver the enemy to shield them quickly applied deadly force and attack the next enemy. Assassins aggressively assault multiple enemies quickly with exploding palms.

Kane County auxiliary deputy sheriff 1997-2002. Defensive tactical educator for the state of Illinois (N.E.M.R.T.) 2002-2007 created a state approved combat energy conditioning system C.P.R.S.

Control Pressure Restraint Submission scoring perfect scores at state training seminars for five years. Chicago police officers began seminars with QI Gong meditative pressurized breathing force that energized the dynamic biological life force system the entire day. Shen Psyche spiritual mind is energized in QI Gong by creating Meridian pathways channels destroying negative emotions preventing fatigue and depression from attacking. Thrusting energy pathways clear energy channels that have stagnant energy allowing the body to perform at maximum energy force with minimum energy.

Special Forces’s assassination combat tactical energy conditioning maneuvers execute Shen Psyche. China’s Military Academy General LI and Commander Hsu created 21 invincible assassins that commander personally led into Japanese camps killing as many enemy as possible and escape with minimum injury in the Second Sino-Japanese War.

China was becoming stalemate and began to deploy professionals in guerrilla warfare tactics. Assassins trained to become invincible and their reputation put fear into the enemy as they were scared to sleep. Shen executes a heightened level of awareness consistently for 24 hours then rejuvenates the next training session that is vital for the assassins survive. China’s traditional secretive systems and maneuvers generate tremendous amounts of energy in training that condition the mind and body to demand extraordinary combat force that simultaneously escalates health, endurance and stamina. Combat conditioning has supernatural reflexes as energy pathways transmit signals on a high-frequency that activate acupuncture energy fields through 20 thrusting energy channels that maneuver the body like a Tiger about to kill prey. Assassination maneuvers executes enormous amounts of energy that are stored in the lower Dantian in abundance that are released instantly as the muscles never fatigue. Assassins energize new energies as they are executing force and never use punches or kicks that fatigue quickly. Chen energetic exploding force rejuvenates energies simultaneously executing them. Forearms pressurize force strike generates devastating negative fatal energy into the enemy’s nervous system escalating to destroy the mind.

Traditional secretive military QI Gong training each morning energizes for 24 hours then rejuvenated in the next training session keeps assassins in a heightened awareness preventing stress and fatigue.

Shen Psyche QI Gong meditative pressurize breathing force executes transformations of energies in a training session that affect the dynamic biological life force energy system in each small intricate to generate at peak performance. This magnificence energy force protects assassins for 24 hours eliminating temptations for psychoactive substance abuse, psychological dependencies, fatigue, and stress. China’s traditional systems and maneuvers are strategically designed to pulsate maximum energy surges at supernatural levels that will continuously transform these energies during sleep that is crucial because sleep disorders caused by chronic stress may not be discovered for years that damage nerves greatly damaging organs. Modern psychiatry has discovered QI Gong and Taijiquan trained daily at a professional level prevents and cures astronomical amounts of disease. Chronic stress is responsible for post traumatic stress disorder and depression.

Assassins execute a pressurized force energy field surrounding them as they eliminate enemies quickly the body is in

pursuit of the next enemy instantly. Assassination Maneuvers develop scientific and strategic eight directional Baguazhang assault patterns with firearms, daggers, rifles, and open palms that condition electronic signaling from Shen Psyche to the contractile muscles. China’s secretive military traditional systems and assassination maneuvers are uniquely and ingeniously designed to train the assassin to consistently generate energetic energy forces with each elaborate movement. Soldiers quickly get fatigued using punches and kicks that quickly diminish energies and trying to apply a technique deteriorates the mind instantly as each Special Forces is trained to attack differently. Assassins are trained against hundreds of specialized attacks as China has thousands of secretive family clans systems. Assassins train in eight traditional secretive systems, eight animal systems, and assassination tactical assault energy conditioning maneuvers from each system that accentuates precise energetic combat pathways internally and externally that explodes through theenemy’s defense it amazing speeds.

Shen Psyche executes QI meditative pressurized force breathing generating the endocrine system to execute animal instinct and behavior with energetic pressurized force executing explosive endurance and stamina.

Assassination maneuvers condition continuously at extraordinary speeds executing enormous surges of powerful pressurized force conditioning the mind and body at supernatural levels. Assassins have an abundance of stored energies and create new ones in combat keeping the mind in a heightened level eliminating injuries and protecting the body. Witnessing Chen QI pressurized exploding force at lightning speeds is extremely clear conventional martial arts were designed for sports only. Assassins condition on the battlefield as excluding force generates thrusting energy channels pulsating 13 organ systems, 78 internal organs, and the three treasurers energies that energize the assassin in his assault eliminating combat fatigue. Anger, tension punching and kicking, application of techniques, ground fighting, and two hand choking are extraordinarily slow, fatigue the muscles quickly, cause a tremendous amount of injuries, and generate combat fatigue.

Martial arts that uses excessive muscular tension causes fatigue that allows muscle fibers to stiffen.

This greatly reduces nourishment to insufficient level by stagnating the circulation of blood and lymph. When the hand clenches a fist, circulation stops in the hand as pressure is returning to the heart that places a tremendous stress on the heart especially if multiple punches are thrown consistently over time that has caused severe heart attacks with famous martial artists. Tension causes contraction of the heart that if struck can be fatal especially if right and left fists are simultaneously thrown. Punching places tremendous pressure on the shoulder, elbow, wrist and finger joints that can damage range of motion, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and nerves. Tension continues as the head and neck are jolted from the hard fast punches that can damage the vertebrae also. Professional boxers tightly tape their hands, use padded gloves keeping hands open preventing any tension, and have broke their hands fighting outside of the ring.

Military Tongbeiquan, white ape, orangutan, or gorilla is one of the eight secretive traditional military systems over 2000 years old. Enormous amounts of crushing pressurized exploding force at incredible powerful precise speeds.

Tongbeiquan executes an extraordinary powerful Chen energy exploding crushing force in a small circular pattern with extreme speed designed to destroy multiple attackers quickly with minimal force. Military Xingyiquan and Tongbeiquan traditional secretive military systems training for two
hours then executes assassination tactical assault maneuvers executed at various speeds conditions the assassin to move quickly executing pressurized exploding force at any intervals with maximum power and lightning speed. These transformations of traditional military systems and exploding assassination maneuvers evolved to create the 21 special forces assassins that Commander Hsu led into the mountains to destroy enemy camps. Commander Hsu experimented with his disciple over 20 years as this was the first time he secretly trained an individual in of privately as he can witness immediate results. Tongbeiquan traditional and assassination maneuvers were the disciples chosen systems by the Commander that the disciple demonstrated at all Chinese events.

Combat demands the entire body engage in the assault quickly maneuvering the entire body to respond as fast as the mind creates the explosive pathway. Assassin’s explode with force destroying one enemy target crushing him into the next target.

It is impossible to use techniques in a multiple attack as arms and hands need to move freely with quick precise Chen pressurized exploding force devastating strikes. Assassins row their forearms to gain position crushing the enemy’s forearms into their chest which pressure forced strikes than a quick crushing palm to the carotid arteries as they continue to the next enemy. Assassins execute Dragon exploding claw to the enemies head quickly separating the neck from the spine causing faint or death. Assassination maneuvers develops amazing attacking speeds with the entire body that executing Dragon precise devastating exploding palms.

China’s Special Forces assassins combat tactical assault pressurized explosive force energy conditioning maneuvers are combat explosive routines that are strategic sections from traditional secretive military systems created by generals for supreme combat conditioning.

Special Forces executes Cobra’s precise single and double pressurized cut daggers at astonishing explosive speeds in low cross leg maneuvers with forearms close to the chest protecting vital organs proven effective on the attlefield. Firearms are executed in an eight directional Baguazhang Circle shooting multiple targets quickly in several directions. Special Forces trains in traditional systems as individual maneuvers are strategically, scientific, and ingeniously placed in a special order generates transformations of energies to create supernatural power forces that eliminates fatigue. Each small intricate movement is executed in close quarter combat that extremely sculptures muscles to quickly explode with devastating force. Maneuvers develop electrically transmitted signal pathways from Shen Psyche from the endocrine system and nervous system that instantly executes muscles in motion at amazing speeds that can change directions continuously. Special Forces execute tremendous repetitions generating incredible endurance and stamina as Cobra a Dragon executes low cross leg assault maneuvers that destroy the enemy before they launch their attack. Combat conditioning maneuvers assault with the entire body as forearms rotates quickly executing meditative QI pressurized explosive energy force that destroys the peripheral nervous system transmitting devastated signal to shut down the brain.

Law Enforcement / Download Cobra PDF File for Complete Comprehensive Methodology of Systems.

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