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China’s Special Forces Cobra combat tactical assault pressurized force energy condition maneuvers has been created for all Federal and California Law Enforcement Agencies.

Commander Hsu, Fun Yuen second-in-command at China’s Military Academy trained Grand Master Joseph Dodaro in traditional Chinese Military Systems. Commander evolved China’s Special Forces Assassination Maneuvers for the United States Department of Defense and China’s Special Forces Combat Tactical Assault for the United States Department of Justice. Commander Hsu created C. P. R.S. for Grand Master Joseph Dodaro that was approved by the state of Illinois and responsible for training Law Enforcement Agencies for 27 years with incredible proven results. Cobra an extraordinary advanced Law Enforcement System is being presented to the United States Department of Justice and California Law Enforcement Agencies as CHP California Highway Patrol. Law Enforcement Agencies can reconstruct Cobra to work within their Federal and State regulations.

law Enforcement Agencies have a unique opportunity to train in a traditional military system presented by General LI and Commander Hsu of China’s Military Academy to Grand Master Dodaro over 20 years private training 20 hours per week.

This magnificence combat tactical assault conditioning maneuver system is a holistic approach executing superior combat intellectual skills, enhanced health, extraordinary combat energy conditioning that sculptors muscles to assault without fatigue, Shen powerful mind control, prevention of PTSD eliminating combat fatigue, and a consistent energy flow of intrinsic specialized energy forces keeping officer at a heightened alert level consistently for were 24 hours.

Cobra executes fast offensive entrances with quick meditative energetic pressurized force to control preventing the criminal from escape or attacking with any part of his body.

This amazing pressurized force maneuver can continue to execute deadly force or explode to a safe controlled takedown with specialized pressurized force that allows minimum effort with one hand to control the criminal while the officer’s secondhand has several options as applying restraints, draw the firearm if there’s a threat from other attackers, or call for assistance. Safe handcuffing is vital as criminals practice reversing techniques to deadly force. Grand Master Dodaro has extraordinary specialty skills in knife combat and retention. Cobra never executes punches, blocks, kicks, techniques, two hand chokes, or ground fighting that are ineffective and slow against skilled attackers. FBI statistics prove that 85% of the time that officers use a punch or kick in a confrontation ends up in breakage to themselves.

Grand Master Joseph Dodaro Professionally trained Chicago Police, Cook, McHenry, DuPage, and Kane County Sheriffs.

Corrections Response Team (CRT), plus city Law Enforcement Officers for those counties for 27 years. He was a Kane County auxiliary deputy sheriff 1997-2002. Defensive tactical educator for the state of Illinois (N.E.M.R.T.) 2002-2007 created a state approved combat energy conditioning system C.P.R.S. Control Pressure Restraint Submission scoring perfect scores at state training seminars for five years. Created IDS Internal Defense System for the Aviation Industry specifically for Captain Fred Bates head of security for American Airlines and IDS for the TSA Transportation Security Administration. IDS system included four DVDs on health, combat energy conditioning, QI pressurized force, and the 1800 page Defensive Tactical CD Manual with 900 page full pictures of Shaolin’s deadly poison hands.

Grand Master Joseph Dodaro Professionally trained Chicago, Kane, DuPage, and McHenry County Law Enforcement Officers for 27 years in his facility, on site in specialized state approved classes, and seminars with proven Chicago street results.

Designed specialized health conditioning systems taught on-site by his student instructors for 27 years in several hospitals, large corporations, and park districts. Privately trained Professional Bodyguards in an elaborate strategical system offering public protection for wealthy families, corporations, security companies, and trained the VIPs to protect themselves. Grand Master Dodaro’s authentic credentials from the Commander of China’s Special Forces and Professor of China’s Wushu, extensive knowledge, education, comprehensive methodology, and extraordinary combat energy conditioning physique at 60 years old gives him outstanding professional authority to design combat tactical energy conditioning systems for the United States Military, Homeland Security, California Law Enforcement Agencies, Bodyguards, Government Close Protection Agents, and Security Operatives. Systems are strategically, scientifically, and specifically designed privately for each organization’s special use. Systems
can be specialized for gender, level of threat, use of force, health conditioning only, or extreme combat.

Commander Hsu trained China’s government agencies similar to our FBI and CIA and became Commander of Special Forces soldiers and Assassin.

Commander Hsu was personally trained by General LI in traditional secretive traditional systems created by military Generals over the past 7,000 years proven effective on battlefields. Traditional systems demand the body to be conditioned to execute the maneuvers that are individual movements of the system. Xingyiquan ferocious Tiger takes several months of excruciating pain to execute the physical section as QI meditative pressurized force breathing, the execution of 20 Meridian pathway channels, 13 organ systems, 78 organs, and the transformation of intrinsic energies takes several years to master. Grand Master Dodaro at 60 years old tanned in the picture without prescription drugs, no alcohol or cigarettes, and stronger than in his 20s to 40s with incredible endurance and stamina trained traditionally, never intrigued by young sport martial arts that never work on the streets or battlefield.

International Authentic Credentials from China’s Military Commander, Professor of Chinese Wushu, Commander of Japan’s Imperial Army, Zen Priest, and Shaolin Warrior Monk certified Grand Master Joseph Dodaro after 53 years of dedicated training,

creator of Cobra Precise Combat Tactical Assault Pressurized Energy Force Conditioning  Maneuvers created for Homeland Security, United States Military, and Close Protection Government Agents. Cobra Precise Combat Pressurized Energy Force Conditioning Maneuvers for the state of California Law Enforcement Agencies. Cobra Precise Professional Services Systems for Bodyguard Agencies, Security Forces, and Military Contractors. Military Combat Energy Force Conditioning System and Wellness designed for civilians. Maneuvers develop pressurized supernatural combat energy force conditioning executing extreme devastating force.

Commander Hsu, Fun Yuen of China’s Elite System Special Forces Assassins Certified Joseph Dodaro to Master of China’s Military Combat Tactical Assault Pressurized Energy Force Conditioning Systems June 30,1991. Commander trained all government officials and agencies.

China’s Military Academy General LI Yuan Chih and Commander Hsu, Fun Yuen evolved combat tactical assault pressurized energy force conditioning maneuvers created from 7,000 years of China’s secretive meditated pressurized force breathing energy transformations that created the eight traditional secretive military systems to develop the invincible immortality Assassin with supernatural powers. 1) Wu Xing the Five Elements, Five Phases, QI Gong 2) Assassin QI Gong Energy Transformations 21 Phases 3) Military secretive QI Gong 4) Chen Taijiquan 5) Tongbeiquan 6) Xingyiquan 7) Baguazhang 8) and Shaolin. Transformed with Five Traditional Chinese Elements Wu Xing and Three Military Phases of Dragon-Earth / Snake-Water / Tiger-Fire / Crane-Metal / Panther-Wood / Gorilla-Force / Eagle-Spirit and Tiger Cobra-Quan-Fa. Transformation of 8  traditional and 8 animals is China’s secret weapon.

Grand Master Joseph Dodaro has authentic international ranking training in the most prestigious Chinese traditional secretive military systems created by military Generals proven effective in the battlefields.

China’s traditional military systems are enormous demanding extraordinary Military Generals, Commanders, and Wushu Professors to traditionally educate disciples in a comprehensive methodology education presenting elaborate wisdom and knowledge. Grand Master’s extensive education can design systems specifically for the United States Government Agencies, Military, and Law Enforcement that is specialized for their individual needs. QI Gong Systems are designed for extraordinary health execute slow meditative pressurize force breathing that has been researched 7,000 years and recently by Harvard University medical school stating it is the best kept secret medical history as the amount the disease it can cure and prevent is astronomical. Grand Master trains daily in QI Gong the past 45 years and has an extreme combat energy conditioning physique. Military Dragon Chen Taijiquan developed from QI Gong adds explosive combat  transforming with Incredible health. China’s traditional secretive military systems transform energetic energies, intellectual combat skills, explosive combat conditioning, and enhance health.

Cobra Precise Combat Tactical Assault Pressurized Energy Force Conditioning Maneuvers created for Homeland Security, United States Military, and California Law Enforcement agencies.

General LI and Command Hsu created combat tactical assault energy conditioning maneuvers for various levels of the military and a shorter traditional secretive military system for them. Commander Hsu trained Joseph Dodaro his first American disciple 20 years, 20 hours weekly in private training to master the five traditional systems and the combat conditioning maneuvers for each system to be presented to Homeland Security, United States Military, and California Law Enforcement. Professional agencies select a customized system that trains individuals precisely mentally and physically to execute peak performance 24 hours then rejuvenate. Maneuvers executed slow and low have astronomical benefits and combat conditioning as military secretive QI Gong created 7,000 years ago. Taijiquan and Xingyiquan are executed slow, low, and extremely fast.

Grand Master Joseph Dodaro is one of the highest authentic educators with international credentials in the original traditional secretive military systems.

His extensive comprehensive methodology and 27 years of teaching Chicago law enforcement offers professionals the highest level of intellectual combat skills, extraordinary transformation of intrinsic energies keeping professionals at a heightened level of alertness, incredible combat energy conditioning, powerful intuition, extraordinary quick reflexes, enhance health, strong Shen Psyche conscious and unconscious mind that eliminates psychoactive substance abuse and psychological dependencies, and offers you and your family a quality energetic lifestyle to discover the secrets of the universe and the pathway to longevity.

China’s Military Academy General LI Yuan Chih and Commander Hsu Fun Yuen evolved combat tactical assault pressurized energy force conditioning maneuvers.

Created from 7,000 years of China’s secretive meditated pressurized force breathing energy transformations that created the eight traditional secretive military systems transformed with Five Traditional Chinese Elements Wu Xing and Three Military Phases to develop the invincible immortality Assassin with supernatural powers. Commander Hsu privately trained Joseph Dodaro in his disciple system demanding 20 years at 20 hours per week in China’s Special Forces traditional secretive military systems and conditioning maneuvers to be presented to the United States Government Agencies and Military. Commanders son Master Hsu, Yumin trained Joseph Dodaro in traditional secretive Shaolin systems.

Cobra Precise Combat Tactical Assault Energy Force Conditioning Maneuvers uniquely designed for Homeland Security and Military levels.

Commander Hsu experimented with his disciple to design a system acceptable for American Government Agents and Special Forces Soldiers as they wouldn’t have the patients or time to complete a Chinese traditional secretive military system that can take up to 20 years to master. Commander and Professor trained their disciple to master seven traditional secretive military systems QI Gong, Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, Tongbeiquan, Shaolin, Wu Xing the Five Elements Five Phases, and QI Gong Assassin QI Gong Energy Transformations 21 Phases. China’s Military  traditional secretive systems evolved with several specialized routine levels of professionalism as Generals and Commanders were the supreme level 5, Special Forces Assassins trained in an ultimate level 4, Special Forces Soldiers superior level 3, Military Soldiers advanced level 2 and 1. Generals execute transformations of intrinsic energies to develop supernatural powers as traditional secretive military routines demand extraordinary combat intellectual skills and  exceptional energy conditioning in daily routines.

General LI Yuan Chih and Commander Hsu Fun Yuen evolved combat tactical assault pressurized energy force conditioning maneuvers.

Traditional secretive military systems are strategically, scientifically, and ingeniously designed over the past 7,000 years and consistently being researched to develop supernatural immortality powers. Maneuvers are individual powerful movements of the traditional systems trained independently in high repetitions at various speeds to execute intellectual combat skills creating a combat body to engage in assault. Maneuver routines strategically extract a selective specialized section to explode extreme force generating endurance and stamina then quickly executes the next routine in order. Special Forces Assassins execute the full traditional routine training 2 to 3 hours long than executing maneuver combat tactical assault energy conditioning routines for an additional hour. Traditional secretive military systems have shorter routines at various levels that transform excellent with maneuvers developing Soldiers at astonishing levels within six weeks. Maneuvers execute explosive close quarter combat energy force in an eight directional  Baguazhang pattern.

Cobra was created at an extraordinary level in 20 years as Commander certified his disciple to Master and retired returning to China.

Commander recommended Professor Hong Chao Zhang a government educator who is one of the five founders of QI Gong Research Association at Wuhan and Shanghai Institute of Physical Education where he holds Bachelors and Graduate Degrees in Gong Fu to continue Master Dodaro’s education in a twenty-year private training disciple program. Master Dodaro graduate after 20 years authentically internationally certified at Grand Master in QI Gong the original system 7,000 years old, Taijiquan, and Shaolin are the second and third highest systems 2000 years old. Cobra was completed August 1st in California and being released to the United States Military at Camp Pendleton, United States Border Patrol, and California Law Enforcements Agencies.

Cobra is a dynamic life force energy system is executed seconds consistently energizing Send Psyche the conscious and unconscious mind to develop extraordinary exploding force.

Each small intricate movement that conditions the body in a specialize way. The next section explains how to develop the invincible assassin with supernatural immortality powers. Please keep an open mind as this isn’t a martial arts or fitness system, and Grand Master Joseph Dodaro has successively trained Chicago Law Enforcement Officers successfully for 27 years with a state approved course.

Assassination maneuvers were designed from General LI Yuanchih and Commander Hsu’s designed energy combat conditioning drills created from eight secret classical military combat systems

of QI Gong / Chen Taijiquan / Yang Taijiquan / Tangpeiquan / Xingyiquan / Baguazhang / and Shaolin.   Transformed with Eight Classical Chinese Elements of Dragon (Earth) / Snake (Water ) / Tiger (Fire) / Crane (Metal) / Panther (Wood) / Gorilla (Force) / Eagle (Spirit) and Tiger Cobra (Quan-Fa).

Assassination comprehensive maneuvers are a high technological combat system that is precisely structured to train Shen Psych psychologically energizing the conscious and unconscious mind.

Shen Psyche transforms the personification of the sou l  to destroy psychological dependencies and psychoactive substance abuse that is slowly killing soldiers throughout their entire life greatly affecting fellow soldiers and family. Strengthening Shen Psyche energy has been proven over 7, 000 years in China to be extremely effective and approved today in modern psychology in the United States research facilities as Harvard medical school that China’s, QI Gong can cure and prevent astronomical illnesses and disease that destroy our nation more than wars.

Assassination maneuvers have been in development stage for the past 42 years as the highest level American in China’s secretive military systems has just completed his Grand Master levels.

September 6 and 7, 2012 in the supreme system of QI Gong that specializes in the transformation of energies to excite the imagination to create an invincible assassin with supernatural powers. The next Grand Master level in the ultimate second highest close quarter combat system is Chen Taijiquan that executes Chen energy pressurized exploding force that kills instantly within inches of the target quickly and quietly. N ext Grand Master level in Shaolin that executes the secretive eight combat QI Gong animal systems.

Assassination combat conditioning maneuvers compresses thousands of years of China’s ancient knowledge and wisdom into each breath executing an extraordinary energy force that develops invincible assassin with supernatural powers.

The 21 Phases to create the assassin reconstructs the intellectual skills to develop the imagination to allow an extraordinary amount of energy forces to program the mind to react instantly able to transform from human to a panther assassin. This unbelievable process begins revitalizing all sensory neurons to ignite the animal behavior and instinct that awaken senses to interact energetic sensations from the magnetic forces of the environment.

Assassins memorize astronomical levels of ancient combat systems that are programmed into their Shen Psych conscious and unconscious mind.

From the beginning it stores an astonishing amount of data that continually ignites an  energetic transformation of energies that develop knowledge and wisdom to create new ideas spontaneously beyond human understanding. This abundance of comprehensive methodology interacting through energy fields simultaneously reveals secrets of the universe as each assassin develops the spirituality to enter a journey to immorality. Assassination maneuvers energize acupuncture energy points through mental imagery or physical energy strikes that transmit a frequency through meridian pathways to condition internal organs to perform at maximum efficiency using minimum energy also allowing them to be custom to shock. Acupuncture energy points are attacked executing a deadly strike transmitting negative Chen QI energy force to destroy internal organs of enemies.

Assassination Combat Tactical Assault Energy Conditioning Maneuvers Executes 21 Phases create the Invincible Assassin.

China’s Special Forces Assassins are private ly trained in small troops of 21 and individually by the General and Commander in the highest secretive traditional military systems and assassination maneuvers designed specifically for assassins. Training has astronomical levels as Soldiers are at a level I, Special Forces level II, Assassins level III, Officers level lV, and General level V. Commander Hsu, Fun Yuen was second in command under General LI training the entire military, Special Forces, and Assassins. Levels are distinguished by routines as Taijiquan for non-Chinese civilians is structured more towards health as teachers depending on their lineage maybe at a basic level or intermediate at best. Chinese Grand Masters and Professors with authentic credentials from China are an extraordinary level and have the education to teach civilians a combat energy conditioning system far superior to just Taijiquan for health.

China’s military officers and government Professors of Wushu have amazing comprehensive education and secretive military systems reserved for assassins and high-level teachers in the military governments. Chinese generals have various routines and energy transformations for each level of the military that is a substantial difference to progression. Commander was raised by a Shaolin Warrior Monk then directly into the military Academy privately trained by General LI and structured a system to train Special Forces Soldiers and 21 Assassin. China protects their highest system that is secretive in several combinations making it impossible to comprehend. China has eight secretive military traditional systems that must be mastered then transformed as each particular system becomes stronger when a second system is master and ultimately is the transformation of eight secretive traditional systems combined with eight animal systems. When an Emperor died they buried his treasures over miles make it impossible to find, same as discovering the secrets of the systems.

Creating Assassination combat tactical assault energy conditioning maneuvers.

Military combat is not taught to civilians and can’t be compared to a martial arts that are geared for sport fighting not the battlefield. In martial arts the opponent is in front of you throwing a punch and you apply a technique. On the battlefield when you’re out of ammunition the highly skilled Special Forces enemy killer has drawn his knife and has engaged in the assault against you it is vital the system your going to execute has conditioned you mentally and physically to defeat him and continue for several more targets. if you actually think you going to punch and kick at him, or apply a technique, go to ground fighting, or jump in the air wrap your legs around his head and take him to the ground, you’ve been watching too much TV or sport fighting. Chicago Law Enforcement Officers to try to executes martial arts on the streets of Chicago were taken out as criminals have a better system. Grand Master Dodaro design a military level system for Chicago police that was proven effective on the streets by female and male officers for 27 years and relieved stress making family life pleasant.

Creating Assassination combat tactical assault energy conditioning maneuvers.

Americans love football and it is easy to  compare combat conditioning assassins to professional athletes. Football players condition according to their position structuring their bodies to form efficiently. The lineman need larger bodies with slow twitch muscles and tremendous strength. The tight ends and wide receivers tall thin long legs need fast twitch muscles to go from static to dynamic instantly. The running back is the assassin he begins with visual imagery as the retina transmit signals to the contractile muscles to maneuver quickly, changing direction, bursting with speed, and protecting the ball. Running backs need to know where everybody is on the field as their eyes scan consistently and execute force in eight directions as they can be attacked from behind or from the side simultaneously. Running backs maneuver their body efficiently to be well-balanced and difficult to tackle. Running back from a static position revs up his energy to explore quickly like a tiger attack in his prey. The running back stays low to the ground with each step well-balanced digging in as he maybe hit any time.

GOVT. AGENCIES / Download Cobra PDF File for Complete Comprehensive Methodology of Systems.

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