Combat Conditioning

China’s traditional systems were proven effective by Military Generals in the greatest battles claiming territories prior and during to the Tang Dynasty (618–907 AD) that was an imperial dynasty of China.

The Tang Dynasty generated professional and conscripted armies of hundreds of thousands of troops to contend with nomadic powers in dominating Inner Asia. Chinese Generals had astronomical amounts of soldiers to condition mentally and physically as many of the battles were fought with traditional weapons as Spears and swords demanding tremendous strength to execute these weapons and keep the soldiers from combat fatigue especially the severity of injuries. Generals kept morale high as armies traveled great distances on horse back and foot engaging in long brutal battles. Soldiers were surrounded by enemies in close quarter combat requiring extraordinary skills to attack and defend in an eight directional Baguazhang pattern. Soldiers severely injured continued to engage in battles as it was impossible to escape the battlefield.

China’s traditional secretive systems were strategically and scientifically designed by Generals to condition soldiers to execute intellectual combat skills eliminating fatigue and preventing severe injuries.

Generals witnessing battles discovered the best conditioned soldiers had fewest injuries and survived the longest battles executing incredible energies consistently without fatigue. Traditional systems and maneuvers strategically were designed to train assassins to generate tremendous levels of endurance, stamina, and strength to execute heavy weapons in battles for hours. Traditional system’s secret weapon was to create supernatural powers to quickly onquer the enemy placing fear in their minds as the battle just began. China’s secretive tactical systems developed soldiers to work in smaller groups specially trained to form a wedge or circular pattern not allow the enemy to get behind them even in the largest battles. The outer guards began with longer weapons as spears and the inter guards executed shorter weapons as swords. Military tactical formations designed maneuvers to condition soldiers to develop a unique combat system that can withstand a larger enemy force.

General LI and Commander Hsu trained 21 Special Forces soldiers assassination combat tactical energy conditioning maneuvers they created from traditional secretive military systems that developed assassins with supernatural powers.

Commander Hsu trained assassins a traditional system as Military secretive QI Gong in the beginning of each session, Military Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, and then assassination maneuvers that created extraordinary morel and condition the assassins the quickest. China’s traditional systems and assassination maneuvers are executed in training hours daily with tremendous results avoiding injuries. External systems as fitness, heavy weight training, martial arts, aerobics, and running are prone to injuries requiring several days to recover. Assassination maneuvers condition the biological dynamic life force energy system completely internally and externally simultaneously as routines energizes the mind to eliminate combat fatigue that is greatly responsible for severe injuries.

Grand Master Joseph Dodaro’s 42 years of training under the Commanders and Professor plus 27 years of training Law Enforcement Officers and civilians has given him an incredible comprehensive methodology that shows immediate results in one class.

Xingyiquan ferocious tiger in a static stance instantly engages in the assault with amazing speed exploding powerful force to destroy the enemy quickly. Tiger exploding claws come in close to the body as the fingers, hands, and arms curl in then with a burst of speed the back of the forearms devastate the enemy’s forearms into his chest, then the assassin rotates his forearms drive and the meditative pressurized force into the carotid arteries. Xingyiquan sinks in low crouching Tiger stances maxed out at two minutes that forces pressure around the entire circumference of the body developing a Yin Yang intrinsic energy protective force that can withstand tremendous abuse. Xingyiquan Maneuvers are designed to move the body with a pressurized force developing a combat physique consistently executes offensive tactics hours daily that are extraordinary effective that are superior to any type of weak techniques. Tiger assassins condition the entire body consistently in routines executes exploring force with any part of the body in any direction at amazing speeds especially if against more than one attacker. Law Enforcement officers male and female found Xingyiquan to be punishment drills extremely difficult to hold stances more than 20 seconds, but conditioned muscular and skeletal systems immensely in short time. Xingyiquan maneuvers stay low moving from side to side from static to exploding force instantly.

General LI Yuan Chih and Commander Hsu Fun Yuen evolved combat tactical assault pressurized energy force conditioning maneuvers.

Traditional secretive military systems are strategically, scientifically, and ingeniously designed over the past 7,000 years and consistently being researched to develop supernatural immortality powers. Maneuvers are individual powerful movements of the traditional systems trained independently in high repetitions at various speeds to execute intellectual combat skills creating a combat body to engage in assault. Maneuver routines strategically extract a selective specialized section to explode extreme force generating endurance and stamina then quickly executes the next routine in order. Special Forces Assassins execute the full traditional routine training 2 to 3 hours long than executing maneuver combat tactical assault energy conditioning routines for an additional hour. Traditional secretive military systems have shorter routines at various levels that transform excellent with maneuvers developing Soldiers at astonishing levels within six weeks. Maneuvers execute explosive close quarter combat energy force in an eight directional Baguazhang pattern.

China’s Military Academy General LI Yuan Chih and Commander Hsu Fun Yuen evolved combat tactical assault pressurized energy force conditioning maneuvers.

Created from 7,000 years of China’s secretive meditated pressurized force breathing energy transformations that created the eight traditional secretive military systems transformed with Five  Traditional Chinese Elements Wu Xing and Three Military Phases to develop the invincible immortality Assassin with supernatural powers. Commander Hsu privately trained Joseph Dodaro in his disciple system demanding 20 years at 20 hours per week in China’s Special Forces traditional secretive military systems and conditioning maneuvers to be presented to the United States Government Agencies and Military. Commanders son Master Hsu, Yumin trained Joseph Dodaro in traditional secretive Shaolin systems.

Cobra Precise Combat Tactical Assault Energy Force Conditioning Maneuvers uniquely designed for Homeland Security and Military levels.

Commander Hsu experimented with his disciple to design a system acceptable for American Government Agents and Special Forces Soldiers as they wouldn’t have the patients or time to complete a Chinese traditional secretive military system that can take up to 20 years to master. Commander and Professor trained their disciple to master seven traditional secretive military systems QI Gong, Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, Tongbeiquan, Shaolin, Wu Xing the Five Elements Five Phases, and QI Gong Assassin QI Gong Energy Transformations 21 Phases. China’s Military traditional secretive systems evolved with several specialized routine levels of professionalism as Generals and Commanders were the supreme level 5, Special Forces Assassins trained in an  ultimate level 4, Special Forces Soldiers superior level 3, Military Soldiers advanced level 2 and 1. Generals execute transformations of intrinsic energies to develop supernatural powers as traditional secretive military routines demand extraordinary combat intellectual skills and  exceptional energy conditioning in daily routines.

Cobra was created at an extraordinary level in 20 years as Commander certified his disciple to Master and retired returning to China.

Commander recommended Professor Hong Chao Zhang a government educator who is one of the five founders of QI Gong Research Association at Wuhan and Shanghai Institute of Physical Education where he holds Bachelors and Graduate Degrees in Gong Fu to continue Master Dodaro’s education in a twenty-year private training disciple program. Master Dodaro graduate after 20 years authentically internationally certified at Grand Master in QI Gong the original system 7,000 years old, Taijiquan, and Shaolin are the second and third highest systems 2000 years old. Cobra was completed August 1, 2014 in California and being released to the United States Military,Homeland Security, and California Law Enforcement Agencies.

Commander Hsu and Grand Master Dodaro evolve Cobra combat tactical assault energy condition maneuvers that strategically, scientifically, and ingeniously execute a single maneuver for multiple repetitions and then slowly build to execute a section of maneuvers at slow to explosive speeds.

China’s 21 Special Forces soldiers executed a traditional secretive military system simultaneously trained in combat conditioning drills to create the invisible assassin with supernatural powers that entered enemy camps at night killing several high officials and soldiers escaping with minimum injuries. Commander witness his disciple escalate over 20 years with incredible conditioning mentally and physically that created devastating combat exploding force. Chinese traditional secretive systems and combat conditioning maneuvers are strategically aligned to execute an ingenious conditioning system as each intricate movement executes extraordinary combat conditioning force that simultaneously enhances health.

Grand Master Dodaro’s intensive private training sessions with Commander Hsu, Professor Zhang, and Shihan Toyoda 40 years over ten hours daily including his personal training in Special Forces combat energy conditioning   traditional secretive systems and maneuvers energized extraordinary mental and physical conditioning without any fatigue.

Special forces Assassins are the elite forces that train in elaborate secretive systems creating invisibility. Traditional secretive military system maneuvers develops, strengthens, and sculptures contractile muscles to receive instant signaling to engage in the assault executing devastating explosive force. Physically a combat maneuver twists and turns in a low cross leg Dragon motion that places tremendous force on bones through ossification generates bone marrow density simultaneously pressurized force increases muscle cell mass as Dragon executes entire routines in these low explosive maneuvers that have assassins move with the speed and agility of a Panther. Dragon in a static stance develop slow twitch muscles from fatiguing than quickly assaults in a dynamic movement that develops fast twitch muscles from fatiguing. Forearms twist close to the body make it impossible for the enemy to find openings or use techniques as the high density bone marrow can withstand powerful destructive force.

Special Forces Cobra Xingyiquan combat tactical assault energy conditioning pressurized exploding force maneuvers execute quickest deadliest assault.

Special Forces Cobra  Xingyiquan five elements maneuvers are five single maneuvers repeated on each side in several repetitions over two hours that develop incredible strength. Xingyiquan maneuvers are designed to assault quickly crush through the enemy’s defense and explode devastating force that is precisely executed maximum killing force. Witnessing the tremendous amounts of strength and power as the five elements restructure the dynamic biological life force system is astonishing. Xingyiquan as all secretive military traditional systems develops the chest, back, shoulders, and arms to withstand most astonishing force as the assassin consistently engages in the assault. Assassins assault instantly preventing the enemy from attacking as forearms close to the chest executes explosive devastating force that penetrates through the enemy’s defense crushing his forearm and throat. Assassins force the enemy to elongate their arms with a punch as the assassin’s forearms protect the entire chest. Assassins execute extraordinary force in close quarter combat that takes exceptional pressurized breathing energy force conditioning that explodes Chen that no martial arts or combat systems even know exists. Forearms twists and turns strategically developing them making it impossible to apply any techniques to the assassin as he can maneuver incredibly.

Chen Dragon Taijiquan maneuvers execute combat tactical assault energy conditioning that develops Shen Psyche that generates extreme visual imagery from the retina through sensory and electrically excited neurons to transmit electric signaling to Shen Psyche in the cranial nervous system.

Continuing the transmission to axon fibers that rush down the central nervous system to the Peripheral nervous system as motor neuron set the contractile muscles emotion exploding with Chen energy force. The two maneuvers are strategically aligned to generate a powerful electrified surge internally exploding externally with supernatural energy force. The two maneuvers begin the Chen traditional routine 2000 years old with over 128 maneuvers that will take one year to learn and 25 years to master. Chen has two traditional Military routines, two competition routines, 10 weapon routines, push hands, combat tactical assault conditioning maneuvers, QI development, weapon combat, QI Gong meditative pressurized force  breathing, acupressure for healing and combat, transformation of the three secret treasure energies in a microcosmic orbit, and five element acupuncture system.

Tongbeiquan White Ape Combat Energy Conditioning Maneuvers execute extraordinary aggressive explosive crushing speeds that maneuvers are strategically designed to develop animal killer instinct at the highest level instantly that makes mankind become intelligent killing animal.

Gorilla maneuvers aggressively execute enormous loud shattering frequencies that explode acupuncture energy fields and thrusting energy channels as feet pound the floor, force from forearms and palm strikes ripped through the air at incredible speeds. Grand Master Dodaro is famous in Chicago’s Chinese community demonstrating this magnificence supernatural powerful force. Female assassins devastate the enemy as they crush the attacking arms immediately maneuver their body as their two palms crushed the throat throwing the enemy to the ground or strike the head with enormous speed crushing it down and forward that Gorillas in the wild would be shocked. Tongbeiquan traditional military systems and assassination maneuvers are the most feared assassins as to witness this devastating overkill is outstanding especially by female assassins that execute extraordinary precise quick deadly force as they maneuver around the enemy.

Xingyiquan Five Elements chopping-metal / drilling-water / crushing-wood / exploding-fire / crossing-Earth. Twelve animals Dragon, Tiger, Snake, Crane, Eagle, Bear, Monkey, Chicken, Horse, Swallow, Goshawk, and Crocodile

Xingyiquan Ferocious Tiger Maneuvers develops extraordinary powerful strength in low crouching static stances held for two minutes then explode quickly to a dynamic assault. 

Static low stances place tremendous physical pressure on the muscular and skeleton system increasing bone density and muscle cell mass. Simultaneously internally Shen Psyche attacks with pressurized force meditative breathing that injects more calcium in the bone and enriched oxygenated blood pumps to the muscles to expand. Intrinsic specialized energy force develops the fascia energizing the meridians energy channels as Shen Psyche enhances every layer in muscles, bones, and cartilage creating supernatural powers. Combat intrinsic energy develops the skeleton and muscular systems to withstand excruciating force that is transformed reversing back to the enemy. Assassins consistently transmits electric signaling from the retina to Shen Psyche through sensory neurons transforming with axon fibers that rushes down the central nervous system to the peripheral nervous system generating the contractile muscles maneuvering the assassin with the speed of the panther and the precise strike of the Cobra. Xingyiquan executes extreme Tiger  instinct and behavior as powerful devastating breathing sounds and feels the roar of the Tiger.

Xingyiquan develops Shen Psyche endocrine system executing Tiger killer instinct as ferocious roar sound frequency through pressurized force  breathing executes acupuncture energy fields intensifying explosive force generating an extraordinary internal and external structure.

The roar of the Lion, the eye of the Tige r,  the hood of the Cobra, and the assassin’s electrifying  pressurized exploding force executes a thunderous shockwave as the Tiger assassin devours the enemy with supernatural forces. Tiger Assassins withstand and reverse excruciating force during the assault as Yin and Yang intrinsic energies spiral at incredible speeds forming a protective shield in eight directional Baguazhang pattern. Tiger assassination maneuvers evolve the assassin into a supernatural spiritual world that is created in the transformation of the three secret treasure energies that explore the fourth Chen devastating  pressurized exploding force. Assassin’s executes this magnificence pressurized exploding force in the transformation of the three treasure energies to develop supernatural internal and external powers simultaneously. Assassins ignite this pressurized exploding force  to generate 20 thrusting channels that intensifies Meridian channels pulsates enormous amounts of energy quickly.

Military Xingyiquan assassination combat tactical assault maneuvers develops Special forces soldiers at incredible speeds by exploding 20 thrusting channels to activate acupuncture energy point fields generating the 13th organ systems to pulsate supernatural energy flows.

This conditions meridian channel pathways that strengthen the fascia that covers all 78 organs to function at peak performance and withstand enormous amounts of shock. Military Xingyiquan created by China’s Generals strategically and scientifically aligned maneuvers to develop the muscular and skeleton system to astronomical levels generated energetic energies that pulsated oxygen enriched blood in large volumes opening arteries and veins allowing tremendous amount of  pressurized exploding force  to continually destroy as it is replenished immediately. These pathways develop longevity preventing disease as high blood pressure. Tiger static low  pressurized force  stances place enormous amounts of pressure on the bones through the process of ossification injects more calcium into the bones that  flat bones produces richer red and white blood cells and minerals that are vital for the organs. The enormous amount of energy circulation prevents disease.

Military Xingyiquan maneuvers condition the assassin to execute a continuous powerful energy serge of  pressurized exploding force  simultaneously from the entire body in a forward tactical assault. Maneuvers strategically force Shen Psyche to develop the body by executing internal energy forces to generate extreme external conditioning.  Xingyiquan ferocious tiger conditions the slow and fast twitch contractile muscles for an
explosive entrance.

Combat Conditioning / Download Cobra PDF File for Complete Comprehensive Methodology of Systems.

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