Assassination Maneuvers

Special Forces’s assassination combat tactical energy conditioning maneuvers execute Shen Psyche. China’s Military Academy General LI and Commander Hsu created 21 invincible assassins that commander personally led into Japanese camps killing as many enemy as possible and escape with minimum injury in the Second Sino-Japanese War.

China was becoming stalemate and began to deploy professionals in guerrilla warfare tactics. Assassins trained to become invincible and their reputation put fear into the enemy as they were scared to sleep. Shen executes a heightened level of awareness consistently for 24 hours then rejuvenates the next training session that is vital for the assassins survive. China’s traditional secretive systems and maneuvers generate tremendous amounts of energy in training that condition the mind and body to demand extraordinary combat force that simultaneously escalates health, endurance and stamina. Combat conditioning has supernatural reflexes as energy pathways transmit signals on a high-frequency that activate acupuncture energy fields through 20 thrusting energy channels that maneuver the body like a Tiger about to kill prey. Assassination maneuvers executes enormous amounts of energy that are stored in the lower Dantian in abundance that are released instantly as the muscles never fatigue. Assassins energize new energies as they are executing force and never use punches or kicks that fatigue quickly. Chen energetic exploding force rejuvenates energies simultaneously executing them. Forearms pressurize force strike generates devastating negative fatal energy into the enemy’s nervous system escalating to destroy the mind.

Supernatural energetic power forces pulsating through the nervous systems ignites 20 Meridian Channel pathways,generates the circulatory system, explodes 20 thrusting energy channels, and activates acupuncture energy fields that creates China’s Special Forces’s invincible assassin executing an imaginative atmosphere connecting with the spiritual world.

Assassins are solitary predators who devote specialized quality time to train in traditional secretive military systems daily that escalates energy levels immensely. China’s traditional secret military dynamic life force energy systems enhance meditative imagination creativity that escalates the mind to astronomical levels to discover the secrets of the universe taking individualists on a journey to discover immortality powers. Meditation is being used by Apple to produce better creativity in their products and several other large corporations to move into a futuristic high-technological world. China’s traditional military systems execute meditative pressurized force breathing routines generating transformations energies through 20 thrusting energy channels that produce extraordinary feelings making the training sessions addictive and eliminating negative forces. Each energy is a specialized force executing explosive surges to target a specific area as a internal organ then transforms with other energies to create superior force. Jing energizes the kidneys, Jing is essence inherited from parents our (DNA) growth patterns, Kidney Essence produces marrow, which produces bone marrow and fills the spine, bone marrow and spinal cord. Jing vitality escalates sexual energy executing love that destroys negativity reading happiness and longevity.

China evolved the first traditional secretive military system sanctioned by the government 7,000 years ago Military QI Gong.

Military Taijiquan created by General QI Wei Dynasty in 477 AD, Xingyiquan General Yue Fei Song Dynasty 960 to 1279 AD, Tongbeiquan Wei Dynasty, Shaolin Northern Wei Dynasty in 477 AD by Emperor Xiaowen military leader. Baguazhang is the youngest system. China’s original traditional military systems date back 7,000 years with the discovery of the five elements, acupuncture, internal medicine, and the secretive three treasure energies by Taoist Monks that is the foundation for all China’s military systems. Traditional secretive military systems are enormous requiring 20 years to master as maneuvers break the system down into smaller routines that are executed in a magnificent fashion with incredible results while mastering the system. Primitive war weapons as spears, kwandaos, pudaos, staffs, swords, broad swords, daggers, etc. were vital to master to survive on the battlefield and protection against criminals. Ancient Generals demanded an extraordinary combat tactical energy conditioning system to maneuver these heavy weapons in long battles demanding the transformation of intrinsic energies to keep soldiers at a heightened level consistently rejuvenating energies and eliminating fatigue. Traditional systems are being researched extensively today.

China’s Military Academy General LI Yuan Chih and Commander Hsu, Fun Yuen evolved Assassination combat tactical pressurized energy force conditioning maneuvers that created the invisible assassin with supernatural powers.

General LI and Commander Hsu trained 21 Special Forces Soldiers in a traditional secretive military system. Simultaneously executes short maneuvers routines from that system creating assassins with astonishing results in an amazing short time as they continue training the traditional system. Commander Hsu privately lead these assassins into enemy camps in the mountains killing several high officials and soldiers returning with minimum injuries. Assassins train daily in traditional systems and maneuvers that are strategically, scientifically, and ingeniously created to execute a combat tactical pressurized energy force without the use of punches, kicks, blocks, ground fighting, techniques, chokes, and slow takedowns. Simultaneously execute military secretive QI Gong meditative pressurized energy force breathing developed 7,000 ago conditions all 78 internal organs, 13 organ systems, executes 20 thrusting energy channels, and 12 meridian pathway channels. Muscles are sculptured as cell mass increases, bone density escalates to supernatural levels, and Shen Psyche executes intellectual combat skills.

Shen Psyche transmits a devastating life-threatening electrically signaling through the central and peripheral nervous systems that ignites neurons electrically excitable cells to execute motor neurons to engage in the assault instantly.

Signals travel quickly through meridian channels, thrusting energy channels, 13 organ systems, 78 internal organs, microcosmic orbit of energy, Dantian acupuncture energy fields, and returned to Shen Psyche in a continuous energetic pattern that escalates energies the duration of the battle preventing fatigue. Muscles fatigue quickly during panic as oxygenated enriched blood doesn’t reach the extremities and if pathways aren’t functioning with proper volume or speed.  Assassins damage enemy nerve bundles quickly as pressurize strikes transmits negative energy through nerve fluids and axon fibers that kills instantly.

Special Forces Cobra combat tactical energy conditioning maneuvers execute “Sky Eye” acupuncture energy fields points executes the retina visual imagery to instantly engaged in the assault.  

The Assassin’s Yintang acupuncture energy field point between the eyebrows develops a strong intuition as slightly above is the “ Sky Eye” this extraordinary energy field opens the gate to enlightenment escalating intellectual imagination skills executing combat tactical strategical assaults at lightning speeds. The Pineal body a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain executes a higher consciousness that is the part of the human being capable of transcending animal instincts and behavioral transforming animal spirits. The endocrine gland affects the modulation of sleep patterns in both seasonal and circadian rhythms vital to have less sleep, but a deep sleep continually energizes the body and mind. Assassins generate the endocrine system glands, which secrete their products directly into the bloodstream that transforms with QI energy that pulsates the circulatory system to intensifies Shen Psyche to execute enormous mounts of meditative pressurized force breathing executing animal instinct. The Taiyang acupuncture energy field points located one inch on the side of the eyes alerts instance response to the retina and the optic nerve that originate as outgrowths of the developing brain, the retina is considered part of the central nervous system and is brain tissue. The retina transmits electronic signaling through sensory neurons electrically excitable cells to Shen psyche energy that sends electronic impulses to the brain executing the endocrine system that stays active as the assassins energize it daily arming the assassin with animal instinct and behavior. Transformations of energies training in daily traditional systems sculptures the muscles to execute extraordinary combat energy force in every intricate movements.

Anger is negative energy that travels through the nervous system causing headaches or dizziness destroying internal organs mainly the liver. Fear or deep anxiety impairs the kidney’s ability to store QI. 

Sadness and grief affect the lungs preventing them to distribute QI. Thinking and worry affect the spleen causing fatigue. Cancer can spread through the nervous system, multiple sclerosis disease from damaged nerves. Modern Psychiatry discovered in brain scans that 1 hour of Qigong QI Energy Force maneuvers clears stress, depression that lasts 24 hours giving the mind the energy to develop positive emotions as love then repeat next day. Chronic stress responses to emotional pressure suffered for prolonged period.

China’s secretive eight traditional military systems and eight traditional Chinese elements were created by Generals over the past 7,000 years.

Thousands of Royal Family Clans educated their children in secretive training systems to provide them with a dynamic life force to pass onto the next-generation. Military families trained their children in traditional secretive systems preparing them for China’s Military Academy to become officers enlisted for life. Children train in Traditional secretive systems hours daily demanding 20 years to master that required tremendous intellectual skills as comprehensive education is essential to understand transformations of secretive energies that develop supernatural immortality powers. Generals were trained by their grandparents and parents in secretive family clans transformed later in the with military Academy training ready to enter the battlefields.

China’s traditional systems were proven effective by Military Generals in the greatest battles claiming territories prior and during to the Tang Dynasty (618–907 AD) that was an imperial dynasty of China.

The Tang Dynasty generated professional and conscripted armies of hundreds of thousands of troops to contend with nomadic powers in dominating Inner Asia. Chinese Generals had astronomical amounts of soldiers to condition mentally and physically as many of the battles were fought with traditional weapons as Spears and swords demanding tremendous strength to execute these weapons and keep the soldiers from combat fatigue especially the severity of injuries. Generals kept morale high as armies traveled great distances on horse back and foot engaging in long brutal battles. Soldiers were surrounded by enemies in close quarter combat requiring extraordinary skills to attack and defend in an eight directional Baguazhang pattern. Soldiers severely injured continued to engage in battles as it was impossible to escape the battlefield.

China’s traditional secretive systems were strategically and scientifically designed by Generals to condition soldiers to execute intellectual combat skills eliminating fatigue and preventing severe injuries.

Generals witnessing battles discovered the best conditioned soldiers had fewest injuries and survived the longest battles executing incredible energies consistently without fatigue. Traditional systems and maneuvers strategically were designed to train assassins to generate tremendous levels of endurance, stamina, and strength to execute heavy weapons in battles for hours. Traditional system’s secret weapon was to create supernatural powers to quickly conquer the enemy placing fear in their minds as the battle just began. China’s secretive tactical systems developed soldiers to work in smaller groups specially trained to form a wedge or circular pattern not allow the enemy to get behind them even in the largest battles. The outer guards began with longer weapons as spears and the inter guards executed shorter weapons as swords. Military tactical formations designed maneuvers to condition soldiers to develop a unique combat system that can withstand a larger enemy force.

General LI and Commander Hsu trained 21 Special Forces soldiers assassination combat tactical energy conditioning maneuvers they created from traditional secretive military systems that developed assassins with supernatural powers.

Commander Hsu trained assassins a traditional system as Military secretive QI Gong in the beginning of each session, Military Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, and then assassination maneuvers that created extraordinary morel and condition the assassins the quickest. China’s traditional systems and assassination maneuvers are executed in training hours daily with tremendous results avoiding injuries. External systems as fitness, heavy weight training, martial arts, aerobics, and running are prone to injuries requiring several days to recover. Assassination maneuvers condition the biological dynamic life force energy system completely internally and externally simultaneously as routines energizes the mind to eliminate combat fatigue that is greatly responsible for severe injuries.

Assassination combat tactical assault energy conditioning maneuvers created by General LI and Commander Hsu conditions 21 assassin that entered enemy camps at night killing several high officials and enemies. Commander executed assassination maneuvers prior and after the assault on the camp. This exclusive training generated a heightened level of animal instinct and behavior that had amazing results and fewer injuries as this tactical combat was extraordinary.

Assassination combat tactical assault energy conditioning maneuvers strategically, scientifically, and ingeniously designed by General LI, China’s greatest combat tactical mastermind and second-in-command Commander Hsu.

China’s Special Forces Assassins executes early morning training with secretive military QI Gong pulsates specialized QI combat intrinsic energies that is stored in the lower Qihai Dantian energy field just below the navel that is in reserve for deadly assaults. Intrinsic energies are developed
specifically through transformations of energies associated with the combat secretive system. China’s traditional secretive systems are strategically, scientifically, and ingeniously designed to develop supernatural powers that consistently increases energy levels with deeper meditative pressurized force breathing that energizes the oxygen enriched blood flow by transforming the  exocrine system, which secretes its hormones using ducts (Channels, vessels) to some environment external to itself, either inside the body or on a surface of the body. Exocrine glands are one of two types of glands in the human body, the other being endocrine glands, which secrete their products directly into the bloodstream. Transformations supercharge the circulatory system rapidly pulsating enrich energies to the 78 internal organs exploding force.

Assassination combat tactical assault energy conditioning maneuvers executed specific systems designed for terrain, advancing to the battle, and deploying the assault.

Assassins were trained in solitary, two-person, seven man advances and 21 assault. Combat tactical can deploy any small force within a larger force as a 21 attack squad with several two and three men specialized formations. General LI engages two assassin in a low Dragon maneuver back to back to have a 360° view as they advanced up mountains appearing to look like an animal than a man to the camp guards. Dragon formation pulsates the largest volume of oxygenated enriched blood to the extremities enhance and 78 organs and 13 organ systems provide incredible endurance and stamina as the assassins energy conditioning avoids combat fatigue and hesitation. Assassination maneuvers execute Shen Psyche the conscious and unconscious mind that ignites the imagination to surround the outer surface of the assassin with a Yin Yang spiraling energetic force that can withstand excruciating pain as simultaneously this intrinsic force spirals just beneath the surface protecting shock from entering the internal structure.

Assassination combat tactical assault energy conditioning maneuvers execute tactical assaults.

Dragon  Assassins executed the cross-leg stepping that kept the pressurized energy force on the back leg as the front foot moves looking for explosive devices and traps then slowly place at the foot down rolling the outer edge stimulating Yan force, than the inner edge Yin force. Dragon stepping executes 20 thrusting channels and the Yongquan acupuncture energy field point in the ball of the foot that spirals Jing intrinsic vitality energy from the earth to the Qihai center point just below the navel developing extraordinary strength. Simultaneously the Laogong acupuncture energy field point in the middle of the Palm that spirals intrinsic energies in a direct channel to the
Shanzhong heart point. Chinese military systems never punch or kick as tension contracts the heart and if hit in contraction causes death as these strikes fatigue the muscles quickly. Tension stops the flow of energy from the extremities to the internal organs affecting the rhythm and once tension released a surge overcharges the organs. Yintang acupuncture energy field point between the eyebrows energizes Shen Psyche the command center that develops a strong intuition quickly accepts electrical signals being transmitted by the retina from  neurons impulse electrically excitable nerve cells and sensory neurons that respond to touch, light, and sounds sending signals to the sensory organs that continue transmissions to the brain and spinal cord  quickly executes animal instinct and behavior. This surge continues activating motor neurons that receive signals from the brain and spinal cord while transmitting nerve impulses down the central nervous system through axon fibers to the peripheral nervous system that thrust the contractile muscles into the assault.

Assassination combat tactical assault energy conditioning maneuvers execute tactical assaults prevents PTSD.

Dragon Assassins spiral intrinsic energies into these acupuncture energy field points that join with the Ren energy channel from the lower lip to the anal then the Du channel up the back to the top of the lip generating the microcosmic orbit of energy that pulsates vibrance energy forces to execute the biological dynamic life force energy cycle at maximum performance with minimum energy. Shen Psyche is the command center that executes these energies that create a powerful inter structure executing extraordinary amounts of Chen pressurized exploding force from the transformation of the three secret energies in the microcosmic orbit. Assassins create intellectual combat skills from the transformation of energy forces that are executed in combat tactical maneuvers deployed engaging in the assault on the battlefield. Transformation of energies consistently supplies Shen with new energies keeping the assassin at a heightened level that maneuvers his body with astonishing speeds as Shen Psyche opens destructive pathways destroying the enemy in a brutal quick fashion placing fear in the enemy.

Assassination combat tactical assault energy conditioning Dragon dagger maneuvers executed quickest deadliest assault. 

Assassins engage in the assault advancing quickly in low cross leg Dragon patterns that are extraordinary aggressive in a calm control fashion that eliminates tension and anger, negative emotions that destroys the assassin’s liver. Dragon is one of the most protective assaults as all vital areas are covered in the twisting explosive formations maneuver. Assassin’s are as quick as a Panther attacking in a small control formation and not separating. Dragon and Cobra execute a single dagger simultaneously attacking with a exploding pressurized force palm or two daggers pressurize controlling force and pressurize force cuts. Assassins never allow the forearms to leave the vital areas open and execute the maximum force close to the body. Dragon Daggers are executed in the reverse grip locking the extremity with one pressurized force dagger as the second quickly pressurized force cuts vital areas as the carotid arteries and jugular veins. Assassination Dragon daggers maneuvers execute small circular speed pressurized force  cuts that once makecontact never release preventing escape or counterattack. Fast shoulder rotations with a twisting torso leading with the left side placing the liver to the back makes it extremely difficult to defend against. Daggers execute a forearm strike with the dagger hidden in a reverse grip to the enemies forearm then quickly rotates the blade to cut up to the carotid arteries.

Special Forces Cobra Dragon Assassin combat tactical assault energy conditioning maneuvers.

Dragon maneuvers developed incredible strength simultaneously with flexibility in twisting cross leg static anaerobic weight pressure stances that condition slow twitch muscles from fatiguing as joints open creating a large range of motion for explosive pressure force attacks. Dragon explodes into a dynamic weight pressurized force aerobic isotonic stance that conditions the fast twitch muscles from fatiguing, accelerate instantly, and if needed change direction quickly. Dragon quickly drops to a low stance,  accelerates to a higher stance, then explodes into a forward attack stance with the weight bearing on the back leg that develops an incredible explosive force that changes direction quickly. Cartilage compresses and expands that strengthens as synovial fluid is injected into the joints to protect them from shock and supplies oxygen, nutrients, as it removes carbon dioxide and metabolic wastes from the chondrocytes within the surrounding cartilage eliminating severe injuries. Dragon assassination maneuvers execute explosive force within inches of the enemy’s body that can instantly break an arm crushing it into the ribs as the ribs penetrate the kidney and lungs with pressurized force that is unstoppable. Dragon executes powerful force strikes than quickly applies Qinna controlling pressurized force.

Special Forces Cobra combat tactical assault Dragon daggers maneuvers executed quickest deadliest assault .

Assassins train in tactical formations that are specialized for long-range extraction, short range firearms, open hand, and dagger assaults. Close quarter combat is executed by assassins with single or double daggers demanding a tight Baguazhang eight directional circle pattern preventing the enemy from getting behind them and simultaneously forcing the enemy into their pattern. Baguazhang is one of the traditional secretive military systems that executes circular movements in low Dragon stances able to pivot in a 360° circle for multiple attackers that is exceptional for firearms. Assassins execute a Dragon combat tactical assault advancing quickly with forearms close to the chest protecting internal organs with the liver back and daggers into reverse grip pressure against their forearms. Assassins pressure forced grip angling across the palm with light pressure in opposite directions no tension, avoid losing the weapon, exceptional power in pressureforced cuts, and utilize the entire blade for ultimate control. Assassin’s pressure force strike to the enemies forearms then quickly and lock the enemies forearm in between the dagger and their forearm for a quick second as the second dagger instantly pressure cuts the carotid artery and jugular veins.

Xingyiquan stances are executed in Chen and Yang Taijiquan, Military QI Gong, Tongbeiquan, and Shaolin routines as Tiger and Panther.

Tiger routines are aggressively controlled engaging in the assaults with rapid devastating surges to calm crouching Tiger routines consistently developing muscular and skeletal systems at peak performance. Xingyiquan executes gruesome kills instantly as exploding palms instantly  shattered the enemies arm bring the head forward as the assassin strikes the face with both exploding palms as the head is forced back and quickly down and forward crushing the neck as the entire body collapses and the head is crushed into the ground. China’s Special Forces Xingyiquan assassins are the deadliest that executes the endocrine system consistently as it is rejuvenated in daily training circulating aggressive energies and hormones in the blood stream.

Assassination Maneuvers / Download Cobra PDF File for Complete Comprehensive Methodology of Systems.

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