Actors, Actresses, Stunt Fighters Transcend Into An Invincible Assassin

Download Cobra PDF file on home page for complete comprehensive methodology on how to  evolve China’s Special Forces Invincible Assassin with Supernatural Immortality Powers.

Assassin’s can cancel the enemy quickly,  these skills demand tremendous training over 25 years, an additional 25 years to reach the ultimate level. Actors, Actresses, and Stunt Fighters will have the ability to develop energy transformations that reconstruct their will will dynamic biological life force system to defy aging, execute a brilliant vibrant appearance with astonishing energetic movements. These amazing results are visual on the picture of Professor Joseph Dodaro at 60 years old in the best combat energy conditioning of his life. No prescription drugs, alcohol, psychoactive substance abuse or psychological dependencies.

Assassination Maneuvers are ingeniously, scientifically, and strategically placed in a chronological order created by Military Generals over 7,000 years exploding from the evolution of QI Gong. 1) Wu Xing the Five Elements, Five Phases, QI Gong 2) Special Forces Secretive Tactical Assault QI Gong 3) Chen Taijiquan 4) Tongbeiquan 5) Xingyiquan 6) Baguazhang 7) Shaolin 8) Assassination 21 Phases QI Gong Energy Transformations Conditioning Maneuvers. Transformed with Five Traditional Chinese Elements Wu Xing and Three Military Phases of Dragon-Earth / Snake-Water / Tiger-Fire / Crane-Metal / Panther-Wood / Gorilla-Force / Eagle-Spirit and Tiger Cobra-Quan-Fa.

Assassins execute the highest level of combat eliminating all punching, kicking, blocking, techniques, two hand chokes, ground fighting, and grappling. Training with Prof. Dodaro will change your life and if you want an action-packed choreographed combat scene for film you will look exceptionally magnificent. Firearms, daggers, and all traditional long and short Chinese weapons can be executed at a supreme level. There are Youtube videos on the home page, a specialized demonstration on Aikido & Aiki-Jujutsu with Shihan Fumio Toyoda. Professor Dodaro specializes with weapons and multiple attackers simultaneously.

Professor is an academic ranking associated through Wushu Doctor Hong Chao Zhang a government educator that is one of the five founders of QI Gong Research Association at Wuhan and Shanghai Institute of Physical Education where he holds Bachelors and Graduate Degrees in Gong Fu. Literature you will read has been researched for 7000 years is written by Prof. Dodaro under the guidance of Dr. Zhang who will be joining Prof. Dodaro in the near future in Hollywood California. Prof. Dodaro will be working with director Charles Omalley on a documentary film where he will create his portfolio and begin parts in a few movies.

Prof. Dodaro’s contact information is on the website mobile phone  858-230-2166 or  858 900-6700 email  please feel free to call him or email to set up training, he is moving to Hollywood. You will discover quickly he has authentic international credentials, trained over 200 students monthly for 27 years and taught professionals as Chicago PD.

Assassins develop incredible intuition, prolong a heightened sense of alert, experiencing eight miraculous energetic sensational feeling. Comprehensive training sessions executes astronomical amounts of energies that keep you happy for 24 hours to rejuvenate. Jing Vital Energy increases sexual performance with endurance, stamina, and passion.

China’s Special Forces assassins combat tactical assault pressurized explosive force energy conditioning maneuvers evolve the Invincible Assassin with Supernatural Immortality Powers.

Assassination maneuvers are combat explosive routines that are strategic sections from traditional secretive military systems created by Generals for supreme combat conditioning. Special Forces Assassins train in traditional systems as individual maneuvers are strategically, scientific, and ingeniously placed in a special order that generates transformations of energies to create supernatural power forces that eliminates fatigue.

Each small intricate movement is executed in close quarter combat that extremely sculptures muscles to quickly explode with devastating force. Maneuvers develop electrically transmitted signal pathways from Shen Psyche to the endocrine system and nervous system that instantly executes muscles in motion at amazing speeds that can change directions continuously.

Special Forces Assassins execute tremendous repetitions generating incredible endurance and stamina as Cobra and Dragon executes low cross leg assault maneuvers that destroy the enemy before they launch their attack. Combat conditioning maneuvers assault with the entire body as forearms rotates quickly executing meditative QI pressurized explosive energy force that destroys the peripheral nervous system transmitting devastated signal to shut down the brain.

Shen Psyche meditative pressurize combat energy force conditioning breathing develops muscular system to execute extreme exploding force.  

China’s Special Forces Assassins evolved from 7,000 years of traditional secretive military systems developed by Generals to create the invisible assassin supernatural immortality powers. The secret weapon is the transformation of the three secret treasure energies transforming in the microcosmic orbit to execute the fourth Special Forces Chen exploding force. This magnificent force executes extraordinary combat energy conditioning targeting muscular systems to development at astronomical levels.

The first phase is to consistently energize the muscular system form fatiguing as Generals executes military secretive QI Gong ingenious energy force system that is the foundation for all military secretive traditional systems created 7,000 years ago and still researched by China’s government centers. Harvard medical school researched China’s QI Gong and Taijiquan and discovered that it is the best kept secret In medical history as the amount of disease it can cure and prevent is astronomical. QI Gong and Taijiquan demand Chinese authenticated international credentials to train this comprehensive elaborate system that was created from the five elements theory in acupuncture and is alternative medicine.

Special Forces executes Cobra’s precise single and double pressurized cut daggers at astonishing explosive speeds in low cross leg maneuvers with forearms close to the chest protecting vital organs proven effective on the battlefield. Firearms are executed in an eight directional Baguazhang Circle shooting multiple targets quickly in several directions.

Military secretive traditional QI Gong meditative combat energy conditioning pressurized breathing force maneuvers execute the three secret treasure energies exploding the fourth devastating force.

QI Gong maneuvers supply the muscles with  secretive powerful energies that energize 24 hours then revitalized in the next training session. Fitness exercises fatigue the muscles causing injuries as the energy depletes in short time. QI Gong has unique routines energizing the dynamic biological life force system to energize itself at maximum force with minimum energy loss. Phase 1 Shen Psyche executes meditative pressurize energy breathing force that executes explosions in astronomical amounts like the California sun rising over the mountains that revitalizes nature affecting all living creations.

Shen Psyche opens the Yintang Dantian acupuncture energy field located between the eyebrows connecting to the spiritual world spiraling intrinsic energies into the mind channeling to brain and the liver. Yongquan acupuncture energy field point in the ball of the foot spirals Jing intrinsic vitality sexual energy from the earth to the Qihai center Dantian acupuncture energy field point just below the navel developing extraordinary strength. Simultaneously the Laogong acupuncture energy field point in the middle of the Palm spirals intrinsic energies in a direct channel to the Shanzhong Dantian heart acupuncture energy field point that transforms with QI dynamic life force energy the middle Dantian.

Creating the invincible Special Forces Assassin with supernatural immortality powers.

The Assassin’s first response to danger is activated by the Yintang acupuncture energy field point between the eyebrows that develops a strong intuition sensing danger. Just above the Yintang is the Sky Eye protecting the assassin with spiritual energy. Going up past the Sky Eye above the hairline is Shenting acupuncture energy field that transmits signaling received from the atmosphere.

The Taiyang acupuncture energy field points located one inch on the side of the eyes alerts instance response to the retina and the optic nerve that originate as outgrowths of the developing brain, the retina is considered part of the central nervous system and is brain tissue. The retina transmits electronic signaling through sensory neurons electrically excitable cells to Shen psyche energy that sends electronic impulses to the brain  executing the endocrine system that stays active as the assassins energize it daily arming the assassin with animal instinct and behavior. Transformations of energies training in daily traditional systems sculptures the muscles to execute extraordinary combat energy force in every intricate movements.

Shen Psyche transmits a devastating life-threatening electrically signaling through the central and peripheral nervous systems that ignites neurons electrically excitable cells to execute motor neurons to engage in the assault instantly.

Signals travel quickly through meridian channels, thrusting energy channels, 13 organ systems, 78 internal organs, microcosmic orbit of energy, Dantian acupuncture energy fields, and returned to Shen Psyche in a continuous energetic pattern that escalates energies the duration of the battle preventing fatigue. Muscles fatigue quickly during panic as oxygenated enriched blood doesn’t reach the extremities and if pathways aren’t functioning with proper volume or speed.  Assassins damage enemy nerve bundles quickly as pressurize strikes transmits negative energy through nerve fluids and axon fibers that kills instantly.

Special Forces Cobra combat tactical energy conditioning maneuvers execute “Sky Eye” acupuncture energy fields points executes the retina visual imagery to instantly engaged in the assault. 

The Assassin’s Yintang acupuncture energy field point between the eyebrows develops a strong intuition as slightly above is the “ Sky Eye” this extraordinary energy field opens the gate to enlightenment escalating intellectual imagination skills executing combat tactical strategical assaults at lightning speeds. The Pineal body a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain executes a higher consciousness that is the part of the human being capable of transcending animal instincts and behavioral transforming animal spirits.

The endocrine gland affects the modulation of sleep patterns in both seasonal and circadian rhythms vital to have less sleep, but a deep sleep continually energizes the body and mind. Assassins generate the endocrine system glands, which secrete their products directly into the bloodstream  that transforms with QI energy that pulsates the circulatory system to intensifies Shen Psyche to execute enormous mounts of meditative pressurized force breathing executing animal instinct.

Military secretive traditional QI Gong meditative combat energy conditioning pressurized breathing force maneuvers execute the three secret treasure energies exploding the fourth devastating force in the microcosmic orbit.

The Ren channel begins the microcosmic orbit the middle bottom of the lip down the center to the anal and the Du channel begins up the central nervous system over the top of the head to the middle of the top lip. The tongue is place at the top of the palate as lips are closed generates the transformation of the microcosmic orbit of energy connecting the Ren and Du channels allowing circulation to ignite the three secrets Dantian energy fields that escalates meridian channels to 78 internal organs.

The tongue tip place at the top of the palate affects the heart channel showing the state of the heart. Lungs are located just behind the tip, the center of the tongue reflects a condition of the stomach and spleen, as the roots of the tongue related to the kidneys, right side is gallbladder, left side is liver, behind liver large intestines, and behind gallbladder is small intestine. Shen Psyche executes the transformation of energies to function at maximum force developing the internal organs to withstand excruciating pain as the fascia covering the organs and the layers of tissue strengthen them to resist shock.

Traditional secretive military QI Gong training each morning energizes for 24 hours then rejuvenated in the next training session keeps assassins in a heightened awareness preventing stress and fatigue.

Shen Psyche QI Gong  meditative pressurize breathing force executes transformations of energies in a training session that affect the dynamic biological life force energy system in each small intricate to generate at peak performance. This magnificence energy force protects assassins for 24 hours eliminating temptations for psychoactive substance abuse, psychological dependencies, fatigue, and stress.

China’s traditional systems and maneuvers are strategically designed to pulsate maximum energy surges at supernatural levels that will continuously transform these energies during sleep that is crucial because sleep disorders caused by chronic stress may not be discovered for years that damage nerves greatly damaging organs. Modern psychiatry has discovered QI Gong and Taijiquan trained daily at a professional level prevents and cures astronomical amounts of disease. Chronic stress is responsible for post traumatic stress disorder and depression.

Special Forces Assassins executes an unique QI meditative pressurized breathing force that intensifies animal behavior exploding powerful energies that increase combat force.

The pineal gland in the epithalamus center of the forebrain close to be Yintang Dantian acupuncture energy field are both activated simultaneously with sensory neurons intensifying the retina to signal Shen Psyche. The brain transmits this electronic signaling through sensory neurons electrically excitable cells to the nervous system that communicates through electrochemical waves along thin fibers called axons (nerve fibers) causing chemicals called neurotransmitters to release it at junctions called synapses.

Motor neurons transmitting the signal through the central nervous system transforming with axon fibers connecting with the peripheral nervous system executing the contractile muscles to engage in the assault. Motor neurons are efferent nerves (also called effector neurons), that carry signals from the spinal cord to the contractile muscles to produce (effect) movement. These pathways are executed astronomical times during traditional military systems and maneuvers for instant response to assault.

Shen Psyche meditative  pressurized force energy travels through the central nervous system igniting acupuncture energy field points to condition contractile tissue by increasing muscle cell growth hypertrophy and proper bone growth ossification. 

Opening joints to have greater force in motion as bones connect to bones by ligaments (connective tissue) that are stretched to lengthen to prevent injuries that allow joints to be more supple with greater range of motion. Cartilage compresses and expands strengthening the tissue as synovial fluid is injected into the joints to protect them from shock and supplies oxygen, nutrients, as it removes carbon dioxide and metabolic wastes from the chondrocytes within the surrounding cartilage.

Maneuvers develop the biological life force system every second as simultaneously combat intellectual skills discover new pathways to generate enormous amounts of Chen QI pressurized exploding force. Assassins condition Shen Psyche to develop the smallest intricate systems in the body eliminating any weakness that can surface on the battlefield. Assassins pulsate energetic surges of intrinsic energies that ignite acupuncture energy fields at astronomic levels as the strategic routines are ingeniously designed to create supernatural immortality powers.

Nerves move muscles in response to voluntary and autonomic (involuntary) signals from the brain.

The efferent leg of the peripheral nervous system is responsible for conveying commands to the muscles and glands, and is ultimately responsible for voluntary movement. Deep muscles, superficial muscles, muscles of the face and internal muscles all correspond with dedicated regions in the primary motor cortex of the brain, directly anterior to the central sulcus that divides the frontal and parietal lobes.

The afferent leg of the peripheral nervous system is responsible for conveying sensory information to the brain, primarily from the sense organs like the skin. In the muscles, the muscle spindles convey information about the degree of muscle length and stretch to the central nervous system assisting maintaining posture and joint position. The sense of where our bodies are in space is called proprioception, the perception of body awareness. More easily demonstrated than explained, proprioception is the “unconscious” awareness of where the various regions of the body are located at any one time. Several areas in the brain coordinate movement and position with the feedback information gained from proprioception. The extrapyramidal system contribute signals to influence muscle tone and response.

How did a young Italian American boy growing up in Little Italy in Chicago, become a Master Assassin? Why did Commander Hsu, Fun Yuen pass down this incredible secretive system to him over 20 years of hard training in 20 hours weekly of private lessons?

Cmdr. Hsu was second in command at China’s Military Academy under General LI and they ingeniously created the 21 Invincible Assassin that Commander Hsu personally escorted into the enemy camps. China became stagnant In the war against Japan. Assassins became known as executing professional guerrilla warfare that ended the war.

Cmdr. Hsu trained Joseph Dodaro for two years to fight in the international Wushu tournament being held in Taiwan were over 40 countries participated. The tournament fighters wore no equipment, no time limits, no rules or regulations and they fought in a small Baguazhang circle that consistently keeps fighters within striking distance.

Cmdr. Hsu approach a young Joseph Dodaro in his early 20s and told him he was sad to close his Academy for a month, as he would spend two weeks at the tournament as a international Wushu judge and additional two weeks of  Military duty. Joseph make the best decision of his life, he offered to stay and teach instead of attending the tournament. Cmdr. Hsu was overwhelmed with his decision and when he returned from Taiwan, students said Joseph did a tremendous job in teaching. Cmdr. Hsu was amazed for the past two years at Joseph’s dedication, respect, and determination to be the best and win the tournament. Cmdr. couldn’t believe that Joseph would give up everything he worked hard for to help this teacher. When Cmdr. we returned from Taiwan he asked him what he wanted in life.

Joseph told Cmdr. Hsu wanted to become a Master in China’s Military Arts and present it to the United States Militaries, Homeland Security, and Law Enforcement agencies. Cmdr. Hsu told his young disciple you would have to dedicate 20 years at 20 hours of private training per week and strictly follow the rules of engagement with no questions. This would be the first time a civilian would specialize in a Military Tactical Assault System especially being American.

After 20 years Joseph Dodaro received his Chinese name Master Tang Chen Wu and became Master of China’s Military Arts. Master spent an additional 20 years training under Dr. Hong Chao Zhang advancing to the second highest level Professor of QI Gong 7000 years old, Professor of Taijiquan, and Professor of Shaolin that are 2000 years old. Military systems as QI Gong, Taijiquan, and Shaolin are the most powerful systems in the world along with Xingyiquan and Baguazhang and extraordinary impossible to find. Please don’t confuse Military Systems with martial arts that are more suited for sport.

Professor left Chicago moving to California to present his system to the Film Industry, United States Militaries, California Law Enforcement agencies. Professor as of October 2015 is moving to Hollywood to train Actors, Actresses, and Stunt Fighters also to choreograph combat scenes for the Cinema.

Fire Dragon

Fire Dragon